Contact Information

Mailing Address
 P.O Box 347
 Portland, OR 97207

Street Address
 1825 SW Broadway
  Smith Memorial Student Union
  Room 115
  Portland, OR 97201

Display Advertising
  Phone: 503.725.5686
  Fax: 503.725.5860
  Phone: 503.725.5646

Email Ads in PDF to [email protected]

Classified Advertising
 Phone: 503.725.5695
Fax: 503.725.5860
Email: [email protected]


National Advertising Representatives
(place ads in OSU, U of O, and PSU with one order and one bill)

 360 Youth 212.401.0070
Campus Media Group 651.641.0133
Ruxton Group 888.278.9866
Smart Buy 503.725.5686

Download a PDF rate card.