Cool-Weather Style, Meet School Spirit

Fall term is now halfway done, and as midterms hit it’s important to stay loyal to our beloved Portland State. The bookstore is loaded with options for showing off our green and black pride, but the options for making a statement with Viking style don’t stop there. With the doldrums of rainy days upon us, there is no time like the present to take the classic PSU T-shirt and reimagine it as a vital part of your day-to-day attire.

The quintessential college tee gets a bad reputation. Everyone has had one at some point, and they’re often designated for game day, trips to the rec center or pajamas. For only about $12, the T-shirt is an easy choice to reach for on early mornings and lazy days, but just because it’s a basic tee doesn’t mean it has limited wardrobe potential. What can be overlooked is how the classic tee can be great for fashionistas hoping to stay comfy and campus-minded.

The key to taking the basic and making it fabulous is in the layers. Jackets, scarves, sweaters and accessories create endless possibilities. When styling oneself based on taste rather than perfect matching, the basic tee is the first step.

At first blush, one may think of reaching for jeans and tennis shoes with their college shirt, but when you think outside the box the possibilities are endless. Are you a rocker at heart? Leather and chains are perfect for amping up the standard boxy shape. Are you a feminine dresser? Jewels and floral patterns are excellent for complimenting the deep tones of the alma mater.

Have a green shirt? Consider pairing it with a black windbreaker, hoodie or even a black leather jacket. Alternately, a black shirt is a great choice if you are one off the many who has hopped on board for the military-green jacket that has been a recurring trend the past few seasons.

With a basic shirt, finding a visual balance can be achieved by having something eye-catching on the lower half of the outfit. A pair of funky shoes or statement pants can be just what you need to do the trick. Consider a bold print or color when choosing pants to pair with your shirt. A cooler-weather fabric maxi skirt and boots is also an option that often gets over looked.

Repping green and black has no limits, and you can show off your PSU pride from your head to your toes in any weather for any occasion. Stave of desires to wear your stinky old running shoes and opt for some trend-friendly ankle boots or colorful espadrilles.

Ladies, consider stacking some bangles on your wrist for some added luxe. Gents, perhaps accessorizing with an offbeat beanie is just what you need to break the mold.

The bottom line: Don’t be afraid to take something basic and explore the possibilities for making it expressive. Accessories are a quick fix. No longer does the classic PSU tee have to be relegated to athletic wear and lazy days. With some thought and creativity, it can be the perfect springboard for marrying campus life with a campus budget.