A September 11 Vanguard article ("Flu shots and guy passes: student fees explained") incorrectly reported that the Student Health and Counseling Center allows co-payments for medical care. The health center only takes co-payments in dental care.

    The same article incorrectly reported that the health center offers free flu shots. The health center does not offer flu shots.

    An editorial error in a September 11 Vanguard article ("Who’s who at PSU") reported incorrect information about Ryan Klute, former student government presidential candidate. Klute no longer works with Student Activities and Leadership Programs as of June 30.

    Additionally, the article reported that Klute plays a big role in the PSU Greek Life programs. Klute had previously been the president of the Greek Council, but is no longer. Klute is still involved in the Greek Life program.

    Klute is currently a graduate mentor in the University Studies Program, marketing coordinator of the student handbook and planner for new student programs. Klute is a member of the Student Code of Conduct committee and a member of the newly established Graduate Student Life group.

    The article also incorrectly reported that Jonathan Uto is the president of the faculty and staff union at Portland State.

    Uto is the president of the full-term faculty union, AAUP, a union that does not include adjunct faculty or staff.

    The Vanguard regrets the errors.