County income tax retained

Multnomah County voters defeated Measure 26-64, retaining thetemporary county tax to fund schools, law enforcement and othercounty services.

Measure 26-64 would have repealed the last two years of thethree-year 1.25 percent tax on Multnomah County residents’ income.The tax was enacted in 2003, after voters approved Measure 26-48 bya commanding 58 percent.

Popular support for the tax in 2002 appeared to dwindle aftervoters paid the tax in April and it was easy for tax activist DonMcIntire to gather ample signatures to put a repeal measure on theballot.

Seventy percent of the revenue generated by the tax is dedicatedto schools. The estimated $70 million in expected revenue will bededicated to retaining teachers, maintaining class sizes andkeeping threatened programs at many county schools. The moneyallotted to the county sheriff’s budget will fund 329 jail beds forviolent criminals.

The four candidates for Portland city council and mayor allopposed the repeal.

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