Crime Blotter

Fall term comes in with all its new intrigue.
Will football hit the bottom of the league?
Will puzzled freshmen feel like babes in arms?
Will pranksters cease to pull the fire alarms?

Housing hijinks
Early morning incidents drew campus officers on August 24 and 27.There were two complaints of pulling false fire alarms and one ofmarijuana smoking.

Someone in university housing turned in a false fire alarm at 11a.m. August 1. A similar false alarm had been pulled at about 4a.m. the same day.

A female viewed as a suspicious person refused to leave auniversity housing facility at about 5 p.m. July 30. She wasconvinced to depart.

A subject was referred to internal handling for a liquorviolation when found drinking in a room in university housing atabout 11 p.m. July 30.

Also referred internally was the case of an unwelcome person inuniversity housing at 4:40 a.m. August 2.

A subject living in university housing complained of aninappropriate comment posted on the subject’s door at 1 p.m. August6.

An apparently intoxicated subject yelling at people inuniversity housing at 9:15 p.m. August 9 was transported referredto Chiers and transported.

Lifted loot
About 10 a.m., July 19, someone entered an office in Neuberger Halland took textbooks valued at $375.

Nothing was taken from a vehicle broken into in Parking 1 about6 a.m., July 23, but there was damage to the car estimated at$150.

The Education-Business Administration building had a forcedbreak-in of an office about 9:30 a.m., July 27, and items worth $50removed.

A $350 loss resulted when a vehicle in Parking 3 was broken intoabout 5 p.m., July 31. Stolen were a backpack, textbooks, jacket,hat and CDs.

A secured bicycle worth $435 was taken from a bike rack atuniversity housing about 6 p.m., July 31.

A $200 stereo was stolen from a vehicle in Parking 1 about 7a.m., August 2. About an hour later, items worth $1,700 were foundmissing after a break-in in the same structure.

In the morning of August 4, two vehicles in Parking 3 werebroken into. In one, the loss was $415, in the other nothing wastaken. The same day, at about 1 p.m., there was a break-in atParking 1 and $260 worth of property removed.

Property worth $250 was taken from a vehicle in Parking 1 about8 a.m., August 5. There was no sign of forced entry.

An unattended book bag was taken from an unoccupied classroom inNeuberger Hall about 8:30 a.m., August 6, with a loss of $218.

The loss was $200 when someone broke into an office in SMSU sometime August 7. A similar break-in occurred in the same building thesame day and an item was taken, with no dollar valued reported.

A vehicle in Parking 1 gave up an MP3 player worth $202 to athief at about noon, August 10. The same day and the same parkingstructure saw a thief break in and steal property worth $1,355 atabout 10 a.m. Another break-in, same property, same day, resultedin the loss of a $250 stereo.

A secured bicycle near SMSU was taken at about 2:45 p.m., August10, with a loss of $740.

An office burglary in SMSU about 5 p.m., August 10, netted thethief property worth $30.

Damage to a window and door handle caused $100 in damage to avehicle parked in Parking 3 about 10 a.m., August 10.

An unlocked vehicle on campus lost property worth $270 at 2a.m., August 14.

Art worth $10 was stolen from a gallery display in SMSU about 3p.m., July 9.

A locked classroom in Cramer Hall yielded a computer worth $931about 5 p.m., August 13.

A vehicle parked on the street was entered and robbed of itemsworth $465 about 7 a.m., August 18.

Items worth $149.80 were discovered missing from an office inShattuck Hall soon after midnight on July 14.

An office Neuberger Hall was entered about 5 p.m., August 20,and a computer system worth $500 was stolen.

Credit cards were stolen from an unattended purse in Cramer Hallabout noon August 23. In a similar incident, an unattended ID cardwith a Tri-Met pass sticker was stolen in Peter Stott Center about12:30 p.m., August 23. The owner valued the loss at $300.

A wallet stolen from a Cramer Hall office about 1:30 p.m.,August 23, resulted in a loss of $110.

A laptop computer worth $2,300 was stolen from a locked deskdrawer in the Urban Center about 5:30 p.m., August 22.

Computer equipment was stolen from an office in the Ondine about10 p.m., August 23. The value was not estimated.

A $325 bike was removed from a bike rack on Southwest Parkavenue about 1 p.m., August 24.

A thief stole an athletic bag from an open office in Cramer Hallabout 11:30 a.m., August 26, with a loss of $30. A similar amountwent missing from a desk in the same building at about the sametime.

Mail valued at $125 was taken from an unattended office inNeuberger Hall about 11 a.m., August 26.

A $1,275 bicycle was stolen from a bike rack at Millar Libraryabout 11:30 a.m., August 30.

Another bike worth $405 was stolen at 7:30 a.m.

A personal bag containing $12 was taken from an office inLincoln Hall at 5 p.m., August 31.

A break-in in Parking 3 at 9 a.m. September 1, gave up stereoequipment and CDs valued at $2,050. The same morning in the samestructure saw another break-in and loss of $200.

Naughties nabbed
Robert Kennedy, 56, erred when he urinated in Smith MemorialStudent Union about 4 p.m., July 30. He was cited for offensivelittering and transported to Hooper detox.

An unidentified person was cited for criminal trespass andreleased at 1:45 p.m., July 1. The person was found sleeping inParking 1.

Prescription drugs were confiscated but there was no arrest asofficers investigated suspected drug dealing at 10:30 p.m., August4.

Thomas Glowack, 29, was lodged at Multnomah County DetentionCenter on an outstanding warrant for theft. The arrest occurredsoon after 10 a.m., August 8.

A driver received a citation for careless driving at 11 p.m.,August 13, for running a stop sign.

James A. Morrison, 44, got off with a citation for criminaltrespass, criminal mischief and theft after officer arrested himfor breaking into a vending machine and taking change. The incidentoccurred at 9 a.m., August 18, in the Sixth Avenue Building.

Chad Perdue, 25, went to the detention center on outstandingwarrants, including parole and probation violations. He wasarrested at 11 p.m. on August 30.

Assorted oddments
Officers got a call of a female screaming and removing clothes inCramer Hall about 9 p.m. August 6. The incident ended with thewoman leaving the campus on a bus.

Officers responded to an out of control student in a NeubergerHall class at 11 a.m., August 8. The case went to internalhandling.

Officers found a bicycle in bushes around Hoffman Hall August 12and sent it to the Portland Police property room.

Shots were heard fired near Southwest Broadway and HarrisonStreet at 3 a.m., August 22.

A tree fell on a vehicle at Southwest Park Avenue and MillStreet at 11:30 a.m. August 22.

An individual who refused to leave the office of a universityofficial in SMSU at 11:45 a.m. August 23 was convinced to depart byCPSO officers.