Crime Blotter

11/28/07 Parking Structure 3-12:53 p.m. Car break-in 11/30/07 Peter Stott Center-11:30 a.m. Adidas bag theft 12/02/07 West Hall-6:06 p.m. False fire alarm 12/04/07 Ondine Housing-6:08 p.m. Credit card fraud. A wallet with credit cards was stolen, and the cards were used.

11/28/07Parking Structure 3-12:53 p.m.Car break-in

11/30/07Peter Stott Center-11:30 a.m.Adidas bag theft

12/02/07West Hall-6:06 p.m.False fire alarm

12/04/07Ondine Housing-6:08 p.m.Credit card fraud. A wallet with credit cards was stolen, and the cards were used.

12/05/07Parking Structure 3-9:31 a.m.Vandalism

12/06/07700 block of Montgomery Street-2:49 p.m.Mountain bike theft

12/09/07Broadway Housing-2:01 p.m.Vandalism

12/10/07 (Theft occurred 6/10/05)Fourth Avenue Building-1:06 p.m.Electronic and computer equipment stolen12/12/07

Art Building/ANNEX-1:47 p.m.Television stolen

12/12/07Peter W. Stott Center-8:30 p.m.Items stolen from unlocked office

12/16/07510 S.W. Hall St. (street)-1:56 a.m.Vehicle break-in

12/17/07Lincoln Hall-7:32 a.m.Michael Wenberg was arrested for trespassing.

12/18/07Montgomery Building-11:46 a.m.Steven Berge was arrested for allegedly trespassing while in possession of a dangerous weapon.

Smith Memorial Student Union-12:08 p.m.Joshawn Simpson was arrested for allegedly trespassing and saying offensive words to children.

12/19/07Ondine Housing-9:52 p.m.Jesse Murdoch Bell and Cassady Bell were arrested for allegedly vandalizing the walls of Ondine.

12/22/07South Park Blocks-2:35 p.m.Purse stolen from a park bench

12/28/07Montgomery Building-8:32 a.m.Paul Yauger was arrested for allegedly trespassing, stealing university property and engaging in criminal activity in “employees only” area of building.

12/29/07Smith Memorial Student Union-12:47 p.m.An unknown white male adult exposed his penis to a victim.

West Hall-3:54 p.m.Brian Curtis was arrested for allegedly trespassing.

1/1/08Parking Structure 3-3:20 p.m.Stereo stolen from car

1/03/08Smith Memorial Student Union-12:39 p.m.Joyce Palmer was arrested for allegedly trespassing.

1/05/08West Hall-10:45 p.m.An unknown person was charged with animal neglect.

Peter W. Stott Center-10:52 p.m.Joshua Sears was arrested for allegedly distributing alcohol to at least one minor in the building.

1/06/08Fifth Avenue Business Center (parking)-12:16 p.m.Michael Kosiba was apprehended for having a warrant out for his arrest.

1/07/08University Honors Program-7:46 p.m.Rudy Madrid was arrested for allegedly trespassing.

1/08/08Broadway Housing-1:43 a.m.An unknown person opened a sprinkler valve and fled.