crime blotter

Lovin’ spoonful

One woman stayed behind when officers approached a group of six people lingering in a no trespassing area near the Birmingham Apartments soon after midnight April 16.

The five others walked away but the woman began searching in the grass. Angela C. Hildenbrand, 22, told officers she was looking for her glasses. Saying it wasn’t important, she walked away.

In the grass, officers discovered a metal spoon containing a glob of what proved to be heroin. They approached her to ask about the spoon. First she said it was not hers, then said it belonged to all of them.

Receiving her permission for a cursory search, officers asked if she had needles and she said yes. Her pockets produced seven syringes and two spoons. She was arrested for drug possession and transported to the temporary booking facility.


An alert student steered CPSO officers to an arrest of two men charged with car stealing soon after midnight April 15. The student saw a man later identified as Joshua B. Teasley, 18, in the West Hall parking lot. Teasley was wearing a backpack and carrying a single car key. He appeared to be examining the parked cars. The student asked Teasley what he was doing and Teasley replied he had gotten drunk the night before and lost his car.

Teasley then entered Parking Structure 3. The student, suspicious because Teasley had only a single car key, alerted the CPSO office. This structure has been subject to repeated car breakins while construction is going on.

Officers located Teasley on the fourth floor standing in front of a minivan. He said he was waiting for a friend named Tim. He was minus his backpack. Officers discovered a backpack and skateboard inside an Acura parked nearby. Teasley admitted the backpack was his. He was asked if he had found the key to the vehicle and he denied it, saying the car belonged to friend.

At that time a man appeared from the stairwell and seeing officers retreated back into the well. Approached, Timothy E. Davis, 19, said he was merely smoking a cigarette. He said he knew nothing about the Acura. When asked if he had stolen the car, Teasley responded it wasn’t a crime to think about stealing one.

A records check showed the Acura had been stolen the day before from a Northeast Portland location. After being read their Miranda rights, the two were questioned and their stories began wavering. They claimed to have been given the car by a friend, whose name they could not recall. They finally admitted the car was stolen.

They were arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle and possession of a stolen vehicle. They were transported to the temporary booking facility.

Stuff swiped

A bicycle was stolen from a bike rack in front of Smith Memorial Center about 10 a.m. April 11. The value was $50.

A loss of $824 resulted from theft of a briefcase and contents the afternoon of March 3. The theft occurred from a Department of Environmental Quality van parked in Parking Structure 3. The thief broke a passenger side window.

On April 18, it was discovered that four laptop computers had been stolen from Millar Library over a period of seven months. There were no known suspects. Total value was placed at $6,617.

Breather calls

Two female roommates in college housing reported being harassed by a telephone breather on April 16. The heavy breathing, with nothing said, was followed by the caller hanging up.

Case dropped

A man who was driving recklessly and had two marijuana pipes in his possession avoided arrest in the early morning of April 18 when officers had to respond quickly to an arson fire call.

The 24-year-old man had almost struck a CPSO patrol car at Southwest Sixth Avenue and Jackson Street. He was stopped behind the Cheerful Tortoise, where the pipes were discovered. The pipes were later destroyed.

Arson suspected

Three unexplained fires near campus on April 18 lead CPSO and the Portland Fire Bureau to suspect a wave of arson. No one was arrested for the blazes but a woman seen in the vicinity of one of the fires proved to have an outstanding arrest warrant.

At about 2 a.m. officers discovered a fire in a plastic trashcan on Southwest College Street near Fifth Avenue. They used an on board fire extinguisher to put it out and informed the Portland fire department. Firefighters told the officers one of their trucks was out at the same time at the scene of a car fire at Southwest Fourth Avenue and Lincoln Street.

At 2:30 a.m. patrolling officers heard loud popping sounds from Parking Structure 1. They could see smoke coming from the east side of the structure. Investigation disclosed a Vokswagen on fire on the fourth floor. They summoned the fire department and blocked off Southwest Sixth Avenue to traffic at College Street.

The woman who owned the Volkswagen said it had been parked in the structure for two days. The other vehicle torched was a truck parked off-campus. Both vehicles were total losses, with their combined value estimated at $76,000.

At 4:30 a.m. the same morning, CPSO approached a woman at the corner of the Fourth Avenue building. She fitted the description of a woman reported at the scene of the vehicle fire in Parking Structure 1.

The woman appeared disoriented and only partly responsive to questioning. She told officers she didn’t know where she was, where she had come from or what time it was. A warrants check showed she was wanted on a charge of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and identity theft. Deborah L. Peterson, 37, got a ride to the temporary booking facility.

Signs inaccurate

At 7 a.m. April 17, a number of signs appeared in the Park Blocks stating that sexual assaults occurred at these specific locations. CPSO reviewed both present and past records and found no reports of sexual assaults at any of the targeted locations or at any other location on campus.

Open containers

Two men received exclusions from the Park Blocks shortly before midnight April 19 when they were discovered with open containers of alcohol. They were approached across the street from the Parkway apartments.

Parties interrupted

Officers on April 19 found alcohol in a room in the Ondine where 11 persons appeared to be partying. CPSO was called just before 2 a.m. Some of the party-goers were minors.

Daniel Quintero, 19, was cited and released for providing a place for minors to consume alcohol. Two male celebrants were issued trespasses.

Again at 2:35 a.m. April 20 at the Ondine, CPSO responded to a report of people tramping on the roof. They found no one there but did discover a purse containing ID. They tracked the purse to a tenant’s room. When the door opened, officers observed a large quantity of alcohol. Not one of the persons in the room was found to be 21 or over. The owner of the purse appeared intoxicated and admitted drinking. She said the alcohol was provided by a person on one of the other floors. The incident was referred to Student Conduct.