crime blotter

Unfortunate choice

Joshua D. Peterson, 21, picked the wrong location when he suddenly had to urinate about 11:30 p.m. April 12. He drove his black truck at a high speed into the parking lot adjoining CPSO headquarters. When officers checked, they found him standing outside the truck relieving himself.

In an apparent attempt to hide drugs, he threw a packet of marijuana to the ground. He was charged with offensive littering and drug possession within 1,000 feet of a school and released.

Organizer disorganized

When officers approached a man huddling in the bushes south of the CPSO parking lot with a backpack they investigated. The man said he was organizing the contents of his pack. Officers observed considerable trash left behind a log at the site and asked him if the trash was his. He admitted it was and they ordered him to pick it up. Checking his ID, the found he had an outstanding warrant. Although the charge was not clear, the warrant earned Thomas R. Stofiel, 45, a trip to the county temporary booking facility.

Bike derailed

A bicycle accident which both the university and the city have warned against continually occurred just before noon April 11. A woman riding her bicycle parallel to the streetcar tracks through the Park Blocks on Southwest Mill Street got her tire jammed into the trolley track.

She fell and injured her right knee and a wrist. Because of the possibility she may have broken her wrist, she was transported to Oregon Health and Sciences University hospital for examination. Both PSU and the city have issued repeated warnings against operating a bicycle or wheelchair parallel to the tracks. Either can result in a wheel becoming jammed into the tracks.