Crime blotter

Pushy panhandler

An aggressive panhandler outside the Plaid Pantry store at Southwest Park Avenue and Mill Street was issued a trespass and told to be on his way.The incident occurred at 7 p.m. April 21.

Theft Thwarted

Dwight D. White, 46, was frustrated in his attempts to steal a bicycle from the bike rack at the King Albert about 9 p.m. April 21.

Officers responded to a report of a man using pliers on a bicycle. They encountered White attempting to cut a padlock with bolt cutters. White admitted it was not his bicycle.

He was charged with attempted theft and trespass and was dispatched to detox by Portland police.

Hacker shut down

At 9 a.m. April 23, a local business owner notified the business had sustained 108 unauthorized probes into its Web server port.

Backtracking disclosed the probes were coming from a student resident at Portland State. The Office of Information Technologies deactivated the source due to violation of university policy.

Love frustrated

Patrolling officers discovered a couple attempting to engage in sexual activity in the front passenger seat of a car parked in Parking Structure 1 shortly after midnight April 24.

Officers advised the couple their behavior was inappropriate.

Backtalk checked

Bryan J. Ripka, 22, picked the wrong time and place to step out into traffic and harangue approaching motorists.

Ripka was seen leaving the Cheerful Tortoise at about 2 a.m. April 25. He proceeded to stand in the street and shout at an approaching car, which happened to be an unmarked campus public safety vehicle.

When approached by campus police, he went inside the Ondine and ran up the south stairwell, still yelling at officers. Officers attempted to detain him and he resisted being restrained. It was determined he was intoxicated. He was cited for disorderly conduct and taken into custody by Portland police.

Syringe spotted

When campus police observed a man doubled over on a bench outside the Ondine for more than an hour, they decided to make a welfare check.

At 11 p.m. April 24, they questioned the man and found him to act somewhat confused. He gave officers permission to look in his backpack. They found a syringe with residue which appeared to be heroin.

As a consequence, Joseph E. Foster, 20, was cited for possession of a controlled substance and released.

Bumpy ride

At midnight April 28, officers received a report that a pickup truck had driven over a metal barricade on Southwest Hall Street between Peter Stott Center and Millar Library.

Police found the barricade on the ground 20 feet from where it had been installed. Soon they saw a black truck matching the pickup truck’s description driving south on Southwest 10th Avenue. They followed the vehicle, which seemed to be driving recklessly.

Out of concern for the safety of students and the driver, officers attempted a traffic stop. They smelled the strong odor of alcohol on the driver’s breath, although he claimed he had not hit any barricades. He had no driver’s license, only an Oregon ID card.

Campus police asked Portland police to do a driving-under-the-influence investigation. As a result, they arrested Mark R. Osterholt, 34, on a drunk driving charge. They discovered in the back of the pickup an AK47 automatic rifle. Police dispatched him to Multnomah County Detention Center. Damage to university property was estimated at $348.

Diver diverted

Campus police recognized a man who had previously trespassed as they saw him poking through a garbage can at 3 p.m. April 28.

Intercepted on the second floor of Smith Memorial Center, the man asked to be allowed to retrieve his belongings from Millar Library, where, he said, he had identification.

He proved to have a 30-day Tri-Met exclusion. The man attempted to run away, was caught and struggled with officers. As a result, Tad M. Slamp, 30, was cited for trespass and attempted assault. He was released.

Laptop lifted

A laptop computer was taken from a 1997 Mazda Miata parked on the second floor of the University Center Building lot about 7:15 a.m. April 30.It was valued at $2,020. Officers found no sign of forced entry to the vehicle.

Fights erupt

Reports of fighting during an event in the Smith Memorial Center Multicultural Center caused the event to be shut down early.

The incident broke out about midnight April 29th at a social event presented by Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, scheduled from 9:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Officers were notified at 12:40 a.m. that fighting had broken out and Portland police had been dispatched. Many unidentified persons were involved. When officers arrived, people were leaving, including one person seen with a bloodied face.

The center contained 200 people, in a space with an authorized capacity of 170. No arrests were made but officers shut down the event about 1 a.m.

-Art Chenoweth