Crime Blotter

(All dates and times are when crimes were reported.)

Oct. 13

Sixth Avenue Building – 7:54 a.m.An office in the building was broken into and a laptop was stolen.

Cramer Hall – 8:46 a.m.A classroom was broken into and a microscope was stolen.

Science Building 2 – 2:01 p.m.Four phones and a monitor were stolen from a room in the building.

Oct. 14

Parking Structure 3 – 12:20 a.m.A suspect was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, as well as on an outstanding warrant.

Public Safety Building – 9:37 a.m.A passport was reported as being lost or stolen.

Cramer Hall – 12:09 p.m.A suspect was arrested for trespass after being banned from Portland State University grounds.

South Park Blocks – 3:20 p.m.A suspect was arrested on outstanding warrants.

Peter W. Stott Center – 4:17 p.m.A bicycle and bike lock were stolen.

Sidewalk at Southwest Sixth Avenue and Harrison Street – 6:11 p.m.A suspect was arrested on two outstanding warrants.

Oct. 16

Urban Center Building – 10:00 a.m.A citation was issued to a suspect caught trespassing on the seventh floor of the Urban Center building.

Broadway Housing – 12:47 p.m.A suspect was arrested for trespassing.

Oct. 19

Broadway Housing – 1:05 p.m.A suspect was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing and two counts of Assault IV.

Street at Southwest Park near Southwest Market Street – 5:37 p.m.A suspect was arrested on four outstanding warrants.

Oct. 20

Crosswalk at Southwest Harrison Street and Broadway – 5:21 p.m.A suspect accelerated through the crosswalk at the intersection and narrowly missed hitting a pedestrian.

Oct. 21

Science Building 2 – 8:48 p.m.A bicycle was stolen from the building’s premises.

Oct. 22

Parking Structure 3 – 1:32 p.m.An unknown person broke into a vehicle parked in the structure and damaged the vehicle’s sparkplugs.