Crime blotter April 10–15

April 10

Neuberger Hall

When contacted for sleeping in the stairwell a nonstudent immediately became combative and postured as though intending to fight. Consequently, they were excluded from the Portland State campus.

Neuberger Hall

Causing a disturbance, smoking in the building and attempting to reach over a reception counter, a nonstudent was excluded from PSU campus.

Theft 2
Neuberger Hall

A wallet was stolen. The victim was able to cancel their credit cards.

Theft 2
King Albert Residence Hall

An Apple Mac Book Air was stolen. The victim suspects a person who stayed at their apartment.

Theft 2
Lincoln Hall

A pink Nike backpack containing an Apple iPad and a TI-84 calculator was stolen.

April 11

Broadway Residence Hall

Found sleeping in the building, a nonstudent heeded warnings and left the building.

Trespass citation
University Center Building

Throwing garbage out of a dumpster, a nonstudent was issued a trespass 2 citation based on a previous exclusion.

April 12

Neuberger Hall

A naked person was in an unlocked single-occupancy restroom. When Campus Public Safety officers arrived the door was locked. Eventually the person came out fully dressed and left the building. When officers returned to their office they discovered that the person has a history of similar behavior, public indecency and use of methamphetamine.

Street check
SW 6th and Hall

A “drunk” person was reported for standing in the middle of the intersection. When CPS officers arrived the person was trying to open the door to someone else’s car. The person was handcuffed and recognized by officers as someone they had arrested for stealing things out of the library. The person was influenced by something, but it wasn’t alcohol. They were released.

Unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle
Parking Structure 1

The front passenger window of a vehicle was broken. A backpack containing a MacBook Pro, a TI-89 calculator and a schoolbook was stolen.

April 13

Theft 2
Smith Memorial Student Union

A PSU issued laptop was stolen.


Telephone harassment

Someone has been receiving threats by way of voice mail.

April 14

Warrant arrest
Blumel Parking Structure

Contacted for trespassing, a person gave CPS officers false information and was arrested. Later, when the person provided their identity, officers learned that the person had two misdemeanor warrants and a current PSU exclusion.

Domestic disturbance
Urban Center Building

A couple were physically disturbing each other in the plaza outside of the building. CPS and Portland Police Bureau officers arrived, separated and interviewed them. One of the disturbers refused to identify their self and was taken into custody.

Offensive littering
Montgomery Residence Hall

A person was reported for defecating outside the entrance. A CPS officer confirmed who the person was then issued a verbal warning and instructed them to leave campus.

Burglary 2/Theft 2 of a bicycle
University Center Building Bike Shed

Someone acting suspiciously was reported. When a CPS officer arrived the person had already left with a bike. A cut cable was found where the bike had been removed.

April 15

Ondine Residence Hall

A chronic camper has again been warned to not camp inside a PSU building. This time a CPS officer told the camper that if they returned they could be arrested. The person denied knowing what previous warnings had meant. The officer explained that they should not be in any PSU building except Millar Library or Smith Memorial Student Union. Before leaving the person spilled a party tray full of trail mix onto the floor.

Sexual Harassment update
Fourth Avenue Building

A student reported that on March 21, 2017 three persons came out of a lab, surrounded them and made them feel scared. The persons were calling the student feisty and that they liked them being feisty. Two of the harassers have been identified.

Car prowl
Parking Structure 3

The front door side window of a vehicle was smashed. Miscellaneous things of no monetary value were stolen.