Crime blotter April 3–10

April 3

Warrant arrest
University Point parking lot
A non-student, who was on top of a large dumpster, was arrested for a theft III warrant. They also had a valid exclusion from Portland State and a small bag of methamphetamine in their under garments. They were charged with supplying contraband.

Bike theft
Broadway House Building bike shed
A bike that had been parked in the shed on Nov. 1, 2016 was stolen.

Smith Memorial Student Union
An unidentified person was sleeping on the floor of a resource center. Staff stated nothing was missing, but that the person had used the teakettle and moved the furniture around. Seemingly, entry was not forced.

Car break in
Parking Structure 3
A parked car was broken into. Nothing was stolen.

April 4

Possible car prowler
Parking Structure 3
A person with a non-extraditable warrant and an exclusion from PSU was questioned by Campus Public Safety officers for wandering in the structure for no good reason. CPS officers left a business card on a vehicle that had a cracked window and a door ajar.

Suspicious activity
Lincoln Hall restroom
A suspect was likely identified by CPS officers for screaming, hitting walls, and sticking paper under the stall doors at another restroom patron.
Update April 6: The screaming, wall-hitting, paper pusher was positively identified.

Parking Structure 1
Contacted by CPS officers for having an open container of beer and sleeping in the stairwell, a person was issued an exclusion. They appeared to be on the “nod” and previously known to be involved with PC3 heroin. They denied wandering the building and looking into vehicles but matched a report of a suspicious person from just one-hour earlier.

Trespass/resist arrest
The Broadway Building
Inside a dumpster and with two large butcher knives in plain sight, a non-student, when told by CPS officer they were under arrest, attempted to move back toward the knives. Subsequently, they were lodged in Multnomah County Detention Center.

April 5

Warrant arrest
Art Building parking lot
Seen shooting up in the parking lot, a non-student was found to have a warrant. They were re-cited and excluded from PSU.

Blumel Hall bike shelter
A would be bike burglar was scared off by a student.

April 6

Suspicious activity
Peter Stott
In a construction zone area not visible from the sidewalk, workers found drug paraphernalia.

Suspicious person
Science Research and Teaching Center
A person, seemingly transient, demanded from a student to use their phone. The student dialed the number for the person, who, speaking cryptically, possibly ordered drugs.

Warrant arrest
Extended Studies parking lot
Arrested on a misdemeanor warrant and Unlawful Possession of Methamphetamine, a person in possession of a large knife was flagged as a potential career criminal.

April 7

Car prowl
Blumel Hall lower parking lot
A student reported that their car had been broken into the day before and three bags of cans were stolen.

Verbal exclusion
Academic & Student Recreation Center
High on methamphetamine in a construction area, a non-student postured for a fight when contacted by CPS officers. About 20 minutes later the non-student was reported walking around ASRC looking for their spouse. Officers told the non-student if they remained on PSU property, they would be arrested for trespass.

Arrest-warrant/trespass/false information to a peace officer
Blumel Hall lower parking lot
Suspiciously walking around, two non-students were contacted by CPS officers. One of the non-students was issued a PSU exclusion. The other non-student gave multiple false names and was arrested and issued a PSU exclusion. Later the arrested person was found to have felony warrants. The arrested person was lodged at MCDC.

Car prowl
Market Center Building lower lot
The front driver window was broken out of a car. About $330 worth of items were stolen.