Crime blotter Dec. 11 – 27

Dec. 11

Theft II
Urban Center
Officer David Troppe took a report from a woman who stated that her silver iPhone 6, $50 in cash and a Bank of America credit card had been stolen out of her office in the Urban Center. The woman reported that she had last seen the items on her desk at 2:50 p.m., and when she returned at about 3:45 p.m., the items were missing. A witness saw a male that was described as white with blonde hair, mid-thirties, wearing all blue.

Dec. 12

Theft II
Science Education Center
Office Shawn McKenzie took a report from an employee of USGS who witnessed a white male with curly blond hair, dark clothing and a BMX-style bike reaching into a broken car window. This occurred right after the employee heard the car window get smashed in on the street in front of the Science Education Center. The victim, a non-student, reported that a grey and white Adidas bag and some athletic clothing had been taken.

Trespass II Arrest
Smith Memorial Student Union
Officer Brian Rominger responded to a report of a male causing a nuisance in the cafeteria of SMSU. The non-student was reportedly violating the rules of the building by sleeping, making unreasonable noise and continuously disturbing others with unwanted verbal contact. The man was contacted and asked several times to leave SMSU, but refused to do so. He was later issued an exclusion and arrested for trespassing.

Dec. 14

Failure to Report as a Sex Offender
Parking Structure Three
Officers Gregory Marks and Troppe were patrolling Parking Structure III when they recognized a male talking on the phone. The man was known to go by the false name “Avril Lavigne” and was taken into custody after he tried to run away. He had two warrants and has not registered as a sex offender in over a year. The man was also issued a PSU exclusion.

Dec. 15

Laptop Theft
Simon Benson House
A staff member reported that a PSU-owned laptop at her work station was stolen sometime after 4 p.m. on Dec. 14. There was a window open adjacent to her work station, which could be where the thief gained entry into the building.

Dec. 16

Suspicious Envelope
Transportation and Parking Services
Officer Matthew Masunari was dispatched to a call of a suspicious package that arrived at Transportation and Parking Services. After investigation and consultation with Portland Fire Bureau, the package was determined safe and disposed.

Unauthorized Entry and Use of a Motor Vehicle, Theft II
Parking Structure Three
Officer Michael Anderson found a white 2000 Honda Civic on the 1st floor of Parking Structure III. The passenger window was down, the ignition was on and the doors were unlocked. The car was not listed as stolen, though the registered owner had tried to report the car as stolen earlier that day from the same parking structure. The owner came to look at the car and reported that Christmas presents had been stolen from the trunk. It was unclear if the car had ever been driven out of the parking structure.

Dec. 18

Fire Alarm
Office McKenzie was dispatched to an active fire alarm at PSU’s Ondine housing building. Dispatch informed Officer McKenzie that the alarm was activated on the 10th floor for smoke. Upon arrival, Portland Fire Bureau was already at the location and the residents were out of the building. PFB stated that burnt food was the cause of the alarm and they did not find the occupant in the room where the alarm was triggered.

Dec. 23

Theft, Criminal Mischief
Southwest 6th Avenue & Southwest Hall Street
Officer James Dewey responded to a Portland Police Bureau dispatch of a person disassembling a bicycle at Southwest 6th Avenue and Southwest Hall Street. Upon arriving in the area, Officer Dewey located a man disassembling a bicycle locked to a rack. The man stated that because the bike had gone unclaimed for several days that it was “free.” He also explained that he was taking off parts to use on his own bike. The man was arrested for theft and criminal mischief, then issued an exclusion from PSU property.

Car Prowl
Ondine Parking Structure – Upper Level
Officer Marks took a report of a car prowl on the upper level of the Ondine parking structure. The rear passenger window was broken and a laptop and a Bluetooth headset had been taken from the vehicle.

Warrant Arrest
Parking Structure III
Officers McKenzie and Chris Fischer observed a suspicious male wearing a face mask walking towards Parking Structure III. The officers then spotted the male standing in an alcove near PS3. The man was making furtive movements with another male and walked away from the area upon spotting the officers. When approached the man provided a false name and again attempted to leave. The officers then used force to place the man into handcuffs; he had a felony drug warrant from 2012 and a second warrant for resisting arrest.

Dec. 24

Car Prowl
Ondine Parking Lot
Officer Gary Smeltzer took a report from a student whose car had been broken into sometime on the evening of Dec. 23. The student’s car window was broken out and her laundry and Christmas gifts were taken. The gifts included a mustard yellow Madewell sweater and Star Wars memorabilia.

Dec. 27

Found Bicycle
Officer Fischer found an unsecured orange BMX bike parked next to a bike stable north of SMSU. The bike was brand new and had no wear on any part. Taped to the bike was a piece of paper that read, “free bike,” along with a new cable lock and a key for the lock. The bike was seized as found property.