Crime blotter Feb. 27–March 5

Feb. 27

Neuberger Hall
The word N***** was written across the podium monitor in classroom 350.

Feb. 28

Vehicle break-in
Parking Structure 3
The rear passenger side door window and quarter-light on a non-student’s vehicle were smashed in an apparent attempt to steal a snowboard out of the back seat.

March 1

Disruption in class
Lincoln Hall
A non-student male attempted to open a studio door, then became argumentative when asked if help was needed. He was described as olive-complexioned, in his 50s, bald with no facial hair and wearing thick, black-framed glasses.

March 2

Near Green Line Market
A student was approached by a man who asked her to buy him food. As they ordered from the food carts on SW 4th, he tried to hold her hand and grab her around the waist. The food cart operator recognized her and realized she needed help. The man then told her to buy him cigarettes from the Chevron gas station. She did. When they returned to the food cart to pick up the order an escort was waiting to take the student to Smith Memorial Student Union.

Violation of restraining order
Lincoln Hall
A non-student attempted to attend a performance in violation of a restraining order. The violator has been reported as violent in the past and to carry a butterfly knife. Portland Police Bureau arrested the violator without incident.

March 3

Theft 2
4th Avenue Building
Two people left their purses in an unlocked janitorial closet. When they returned to retrieve their purses, they were gone.

Found property
Shattuck Hall
A student carried a bike, which was left unlocked outside the building for several days, to the Campus Public Security Office for safekeeping. The bike has not been reported as stolen and has been delivered to the Portland Police Bureau property room.

Broadway Building
A man with a previous exclusion was trespassing in the building. CPS went with Res Life to the room where the person was and reminded him of his exclusion.

March 5

Theft 2
Academic and Student Recreation Center
Jacket, jeans and a house key were stolen from the women’s locker room.