Crime Blotter July 14–25

July 14

When Fruit Flies
Officer David Troppe responded to a report of people throwing fruit out of a dormitory window. When he arrived at the scene, the fruit throwers were identified as two juvenile females from a math camp who were curious about the splattering nature of fruit from great heights. They were warned to halt their experimentation because it was scaring pedestrians. The girls agreed and volunteered to clean up the mess.

July 15

Inappropriate Flip-out
Stott Field
A staff member told Officer Gary Smeltzer that a blonde female in her 20s was walking her dog on the newly resurfaced Stott Field despite all of the signs posted saying that dogs weren’t allowed. When the staff member mentioned this to the dog owner, she “freaked out” on him, took his picture, cussed him out and flipped him off.

Umbrella Theft
Campus Public Safety Office north basement courtyard
In the early morning, an unknown male swiped a picnic table umbrella from the picnic table outside the construction contractor office and the backdoor to the CPSO building. The victim of this umbrella robbery does not wish to file a police report at this time, but if you see a solid red umbrella with a two piece pole, contact CPSO.

July 17

Offensive Graffiti
Millar Library
Officer Matthew Masunari responded to a complaint that there was racist graffiti on the northeast corner of the Millar Library. He found three stenciled graffiti images on site that were politically and racially motivated. A painting company was notified so that the graffiti could be cleaned up immediately.

July 21

Criminal Mischief I
Associated Students of PSU Children’s Center
After CPSO was dispatched on account of a burglary in the child care center, the center was cleared for investigation. Nothing appeared to be missing but multiple computers and some cabinets were damaged. CPSO is currently working to narrow down the time frame of when the break-in occurred and the Office of Information Technology is compiling a list of damaged computers.

July 22

Suspicious Sleeper
Blumel Hall
Suspicious nonstudent Brandon Biggs was reported to be sleeping in the upper parking lot. Officers contacted him and warned him not to trespass in the parking structures or parking lots. According to a nondisclosed source, Biggs is associated with a fraudulent company that goes door to door claiming to collect money for military care packages.

July 25

Criminal Mischief II
Associated Students of PSU Children’s Center
Officer Troppe responded to another burglary in the child care center. A staff member stated that she found the freezer door open when she arrived to work that morning and that all of the food in it was either melted or spoiled. When she had left work on Friday, it was shut and secure. The locks are going to be changed on all exterior doors and Officer Troppe recommended the night shift conduct and pre- and post-midnight walk-through of the building.

Suspicious Person
Blumel Residence Hall
Officer Masunari responded to a suspicious person sleeping in the lounge area of Blumel Hall. He is described as a 5-foot-8-inch black male, approximately 150 pounds, 25–30 years old, wearing a distinctive red leather jacket and sunglasses with a shaved head.