Crime Blotter July 28–August 10

July 28

Unlawful Delivery of Heroin
Officer Denae Murphy and Officer David Baker observed nonstudents Thuy Nguyen and John Cavalli and suspected them of heroin possession. Cavalli admitted to the officers that he had swallowed three bindles of heroin and was transported to OHSU. Nguyen was transported to the Multnomah County Detention Center.

Theft II
South Park Blocks
A student reported her purse had been stolen from beside her as she sat reading on a bench near Shattuck Hall.

Theft II
Neuberger Hall
A student reported a black Scattante bicycle stolen from the bike racks next to the building.

July 29

Theft from Motor Vehicle
Blumel Hall
A nonstudent reported the theft of prescription and over-the-counter medications from her vehicle parked in the Blumel Hall parking structure.

Felon in Possession of Body Armor
Smith Memorial Student Union
A worker clearing out expired lockers reported finding bullets and body armor. The locker was assigned to Christopher Kent (enrolled at PSU as Kent Rantila or Christopher Rantila), a convicted sex offender and felon, previously arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in Virginia, including a 9 mm handgun, AK-47 and homemade explosive device.

July 30

Trespass Arrest
Engineering Building
Officer Gregory Marks and Officer Baker arrested Samuel Cottrell for Criminal Trespass II. Cottrell was the subject of a valid PSU exclusion and had been arrested in the same location two weeks earlier.

Theft from Motor Vehicle
University Center Building
A theft of two backpacks said to contain $2,300 worth of goods was stolen from a vehicle parked in the UCB lot. The rear passenger window was broken in.

July 31

Park Exclusion/Felon in Possession of a Weapon
Neuberger Hall
Officer Jon Buck and Officer Shawn McKenzie contacted Dale Chodorowski sleeping on a bench near Neuberger Hall. Chodorowski is a convicted felon and had possession of a stun gun. Officers issued him an exclusion.

August 1

Criminal Mischief II: Graffiti
Nonstudents Raine J. Frederickson and Cole M. Somers were arrested due to probable cause they had applied graffiti to a section of fence. Both were transferred to the Multnomah County Detention Center.

August 2

Native American Student & Community Center
Officers contacted nonstudents Charles Canty and Kathy Stone outside the entrance to the NASCC. Both were issued exclusions. Canty has also been recently excluded from OHSU for harassment of a female.

August 2

Theft II
Blumel Hall
A student’s bicycle (small, white, Mystic brand) was stolen from the rack in front of Blumel Hall.

August 3

PPB Assist
University Pointe
Student interfered with arrest of nonstudent arrested at University Pointe by striking officers with closed fists. The Portland Police Bureau utilized force to subdue, and no officers were injured. Student was arrested and lodged at the Multnomah County Detention Center.

Sexual Assault
University Pointe
Officer Chris Fischer and Officer Brian Rominger were flagged down by a male who reported a disturbance at Southwest Sixth Avenue and College Street, where two men were yelling at two juvenile females. Officers approached the females, both 17 years old, and found they had been given alcohol and engaged in sex with a non-PSU student inside the apartment of a PSU student at University Pointe. Both males were detained and taken by PPB for investigation.

Broadway Housing
Nonstudent Dale Games Chodorowski was contacted and excluded by Officer Murphy when Chodorowski was found sleeping on the side of the building.

August 4

Ondine Residence Hall
Sometime over the weekend a burglary occurred in a basement room in the Ondine Residence Hall. Offenders used an instrument to force open the door and rummaged through drawers, but nothing was noted as missing or taken.

Trespass Arrest
Parking Structure Three
Officers Murphy and Baker contacted nonstudent Gerald Davis and noticed a strong odor of burnt marijuana. David was cited for Criminal Trespass II.

Harassment Arrest
Parking Structure Three
Troy Juggert, a nonstudent and subject of a previous exclusion, was observed by patrolling officers Murphy and Baker near PS3. Juggert was found to have cotton balls soaked with heroin residue, and struggled and kicked during arrest. PPB responded and took Juggert into custody.

August 5

Criminal Mischief III
University Center Building
An individual notified CPSO that someone had urinated on the driver’s side window of her car, parked in the basement of UCB.

August 6

Parking Structure One
Dominic Davis was issued an exclusion after Officer Gary Smeltzer observed him trying to steal a waste receptacle liner.

Science Research and Teaching Center
Officer David Troppe and Officer Smeltzer contacted Aaron Ternes, who ran away. Officers apprehended and handcuffed Ternes and issued him an exclusion.

Information Only
A student who was a victim of an Internet scam contacted CPSO to alert them. The student had signed up to be a tutor through the World Languages faculty resources link at the department’s site at Someone from Switzerland hired the student as a tutor and sent student a check for $2,134, asking student to send back the extra funds. Student sent back $1,900, but the initial check from Switzerland then bounced.

Disorderly Conduct II Arrest
Extended Studies Building
Officer Brenton Chose and Officer Baker responded to XSB for a call regarding an intoxicated male trying to start fights in the parking lot to the rear of the building. The suspect, nonstudent Matthew Olmsted was contacted and attempted to flee. Olmsted was charged with disorderly conduct.

August 7

Felony Warrants/Exclusions
Art Building
Nonstudent Joseph Lee Hahn was found in the parking lot loitering. Hahn’s open backpack revealed bolt cutters, and officers issued an exclusion.

Parking Structure Two
Officer Rominger responded to a report of a male urinating in a stairwell of Parking Structure Two, and contacted Kyle James Mentzer lying curled up in the stairwell. Mentzer denied urinating in the stairwell, and said he was only trying to get out of the wind. Menzer was issued an exclusion.

August 8

Trespass II
University Center Building
Officers Troppe, Chose and Rominger found excluded community member Leroy Alexander in the UCB parking lot. The officers took Alexander into custody and transported him to the Multnomah County Detention Center.

August 9

Car Prowl
Blumel Hall
There was a report of a suspicious person trying car doors in the Blumel Hall parking lot. The suspect was seen opening the door to a vehicle, and blood was found later on the exterior of this door. The suspect was not found during a search of the area, and the blood was collected for DNA testing.

August 10

Trespass Arrest
Science Building One
Nonstudent Edward Panice, who had been previously arrested for possessing a weapon on campus and had a current PSU exclusion, was found trying to gain entry to the building. During a search, Officers Murphy and Baker found a stolen PSU key and other merchandise. Panice was arrested and lodged at the Multnomah County Detention Center.