Crime blotter: July 31–Aug. 7

PSU Crime Blotter: July 31—August 7

July 31

Bike seized

Peter W. Stott Center

Portland State Campus Security Officers repossessed a stolen bike from a non-student at 10:40 a.m. The bike was originally a navy blue Specialized Sirrus road bike that had been repainted green. CPSO is currently trying to relocate the original owner.

Criminal trespassing

Blumel Hall Bike Shed

Rose Roberts, a non-student, was cited for criminal trespassing outside of the Blumel Hall Bike Shed after CPSO found Roberts in possession of a stolen bike. Roberts was recently arrested for bike theft at the PSU Bike Hub.

Aug. 1


Cramer Hall

CPSO located and excluded Michael Beller, a non-student, after receiving complaints that Beller was harassing women on the PSU campus. According to CPSO, Beller did not have a legitimate reason to be on campus.

Aug. 3

Cell phone theft

University Pointe Apartments

A PSU student contacted CPSO to report that another PSU student had stolen their phone. Officer Fischer called the student who stole the phone and they admitted to stealing from the reporting student. The student told Officer Fischer they had already thrown the phone into the trash in the Pearl District and they would replace the student’s phone later.


Fourth Avenue Building

The Portland Police Bureau was dispatched for an assault that had taken place at SW 4th and College Avenue at about 8:30 p.m. The assault victim was found unconscious and severely bleeding from their head while receiving assistance from an unknown witness.

According to CPSO the assault was carried out with a sword, which was later found in the Lovejoy water fountain. Further investigation of the crime found that the assault was not a random act of violence and the suspects and victim knew each other.

The assault suspects were described as wearing all khakis and running from the scene in both East and North directions. CPSO does not believe the suspects are a direct concern or threat to the PSU campus community.

Aug. 5

Stolen property & suspected narcotics use

Lincoln Hall

CPSO apprehended two non-students for suspected narcotic use in LH when the responding officer found them in possession of a stolen purse that had been taken from a vehicle earlier that day in East Portland. Both suspects were issued campus exclusions.

Aug. 6

Exclusion and heroin paraphernalia 

Native American Student Center

CPSO contacted and excluded a non-student who was found camping outside the NASC. Officers reported observing the suspect trying to clean out drug residue from a “sizeable collection of heroin paraphernalia,” mainly dirty needles, in order to obtain a usable dose.


SW 13th & Montgomery 

CPSO reported a confidential overdose that took place near campus at approximately 7 p.m.

Unauthorized entry of motor vehicle

Blumel Parking Lot

A PSU student reported the theft of $340 in cash and a $500 radar detector after leaving their car unlocked for about four hours in the lower Blumel parking lot.

Aug. 7

Attempted bike theft

Blumel Housing

A masked non-student male was found by CPSO taking apart a KMS bicycle outside the front doors of Blumel at about 5:15 a.m. The suspect was identified, cited an official exclusion, and asked to reassemble the bicycle by CPSO.