Crime Blotter July 8–July 14

July 7

Employee Misconduct
Officer Denae Murphy and Officer David Baker contacted a Portland State student and staff member who was visibly intoxicated for urinating in the bushes. The man was initially uncooperative and refused to show his ID, but was found to be an employee for the Portland State Center for Lakes and Reservoirs. The offense was referred to Student Affairs and Human Resources.

July 9

Offensive Littering
Art Building
Officer Baker and Officer Brenton Chose cited a nonstudent for Offensive Littering at the Art Building. The man was exposing his penis and urinating on the ground near the east entrance.

Trespass Alert
Art Building parking lot
Officers Baker and Chose arrested Mark Hall for Criminal Trespass II in the Art Building parking lot. Hall was lying in a parking spot and spooning a parking stall curb with an open alcoholic beverage behind him. Hall has a current PSU exclusion, which warranted three days earlier. Hall has been contacted and/or arrested four times this week at PSU.

Felony Warrant Arrest
Parking Structure Two
Officer Nichola Higbee was dispatched to the northwest stairwell of Parking Structure Two on a report of a man having a “drug rage.” Higbee found a male, later identified as James Greason, sitting on the steps of the stairwell. Greason initially gave a false name, which he was having difficulty spelling. Greason was wearing a hospital bracelet, on which Higbee was able to read a different name. Greason finally gave up the bracelet and said he probably had warrants for his arrest. Greason was found to have two FTA felony warrants for heroin, one out of Clackamas County and the other out of Douglas County. Higbee arrested Greason, who was transported and lodged at the Multnomah County Detention Center.

July 10

Unwanted Videotaping
Smith Memorial Student Union
Officer Higbee was dispatched to Smith Memorial Student Union on a report of unwanted videotaping in a high school summer camp class. Staff told the male that he had to leave the event, who responded that he was exercising his First Amendment right to videotape. Staff informed the male that it was a private event and could not record it, and the male left.

July 13

Theft II
Academic and Student
Rec Center

A nonstudent flagged down Officer Jon Buck regarding the recent theft of a black shoulder bag. The bag was stolen from the fountain area positioned near the northwest corner of the Academic and Student Rec Center. The woman set the bag down next to the fountain while wading in the water, which was then taken. The bag contained an iPhone, a drivers license and a monthly TriMet pass. The possible suspect is described as a white male in his 20s, between 5 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 11 inches tall, skinny, with short dark hair and wearing a white T-shirt. Officer Buck searched a student who matched that description, but did not find evidence of theft.