Crime blotter March 6–12

March 6

Smith Memorial Student Union
A non-student violated the rules by sleeping in the building. He was issued an exclusion. Before leaving he threw something onto a chair.

March 7

Blumel Hall
A suspicious-looking, non-student was contacted by Campus Public Safety. She was issued an exclusion and told that footage from some bike shed burglaries would be reviewed.

Smith Memorial Student Union
Two non-students sleeping in the building, both with exclusions and one who had been arrested for using drugs in the building and had a warrant, were cited for criminal trespass II.

March 8

SW 5th and Hall
Two students in the University Center Building exited the elevator and were approached by a homeless person who asked for money. The students did not respond, walked out of the building and went their separate ways. The homeless person, using the flat of her hand, struck the neck of one of the students and said that she had stolen her soul. A member of the public challenged the homeless person and she moved away. The struck student was shocked but not injured.

Neuberger Hall
Racist graffiti was found in two men’s bathrooms.

March 9

Millar Library
A student claimed that she asked a non-student how she was, and the non-student got in her face and yelled. The non-student claimed that the student had stepped on her bag. The non-student was asked to leave for the day, and told that if CPS had to speak with her again she would be excluded or arrested.

Smith Memorial Student Union
In a quiet study space a non-student was reportedly masturbating. He had his pants undone, but there was not enough evidence to arrest him. An exclusion was issued.

Criminal mischief
Parking Structure 3
A student found a screwdriver punched into the front passenger door lock. Nothing was stolen.

Cramer Hall
One student verbally harassed another student.

March 10

Smith Memorial Student Union
A white male, 6’0”, 200 lbs. with dark brown messy hair and facial hair, and wearing a dark gray/black thigh-length jacket was in the store gathering candy bars, ice cream and a soda pop. Under his arm were art and drawing books. Approaching the counter he talked about decorative art for the store then left the building.

March 11

Criminal mischief
University Place Hotel
A man was in the stairwell yelling vulgarities and threatening to kill people. CPS was unable to locate him. They found a broken light and the broken glass front of a fire extinguisher case.

March 12

Smith Memorial Student Union
The non-student who was issued an exclusion on March 6 was again found in the building. He was cited for trespass.