Crime Blotter May 19-May 25

May 19

Theft II
Blackstone Residence Hall
A resident reported to Officer Brian Rominger at 9:20 p.m. that eight loads of her laundry were stolen from the laundry room, which she last saw two days prior.

May 20

Unauthorized Entry of Motor Vehicle, Theft I
Parking Structure One, Fifth Floor
Officer Nichola Higbee responded to a car break-in at 11 p.m. The rear window was broken. A laptop, diabetic blood tester, backpack and textbook were reported stolen.

May 21

Student Conduct (Marijuana)
Broadway Residence Hall
Officer Peter Stuart and Sergeant Robert McCleary responded to a report of marijuana at 11:30 p.m. Five people were present in the room. One of the non-students surrendered marijuana. Officers also confiscated an orange used as smoking paraphernalia.

May 22

Unauthorized Entry of Motor Vehicle
Parking Structure Three
A student reported a theft to Officer James Dewey at noon on SW Park and SW Montgomery. The student said she had noticed her rear passenger-side window was broken after she had driven out of the parking structure. The silver 2014 Suburu Forester was parked on the southwest corner of the third floor between May 21 at 5 p.m. and May 22 at noon. Her black Nike backpack was reported stolen.

Potential Hazard
Engineering Building
A hazardous smell was reported coming from the engineering building at 9:30 p.m. Sergeant McCleary noticed a “paint smell” in the main lobby. Further investigation revealed that students in the Viking Motor Sport Club gel-coated a wood car frame inside lab 410. Students were evacuated until the activated ventilation fans dispersed the fumes.

May 24

Vehicle Break-Ins
Parking Structure Three
Officer Denae Murphy noticed a white Jeep on the fourth floor had unzipped windows. The area had been patrolled 10–20 minutes prior, according to Sergeant McCleary. On the way to location, Sergeant McCleary found a white Nissan Frontier with a broken rear window. Owners of both vehicles were contacted but not reached. Belongings from the Jeep were stored in the Campus Safety Office.

Car Prowl
Parking Structure Two
A student reported to Officer David Troppe that three passenger-side windows of his BMW were broken. Two bags with insignificant items were stolen from the car. The car was originally parked on April 23.

May 25

Unlawful Possession, Criminal Trespass II
Blumel Hall Parking Structure
A loitering man appeared to be under the influence of narcotics, according to Sergeant Michael Anderson and Officer Murphy. A female non-student approached the contacted male (who was not identified as a student in the report) but quickly walked away when she saw the officers. She was stopped for identification and officers discovered her previous arrests for larceny and motor vehicle theft, as well as a felony theft conviction. She claimed to not know the male until they began to “loudly exclaim their love for each other.” The male was arrested on a felony warrant; the female was arrested for Criminal Trespass II until the officers found drugs on her. She was sent to Multnomah County Detention Center for Criminal Trespass II, Unlawful Possession of Heroin and Unlawful Possession of Meth.

Student Conduct
Unknown Location
A student said “she wanted to drug a professor and take incriminating photos,” in a message to another student who reported her to Officer Rominger at 7:09 p.m. The female student told Officer Rominger she was joking and that “she did not wish harm upon the professor.” She also told Officer Rominger that she was only trying to flirt with the other student and that she has “an odd sense of humor.”