Crime Blotter Nov. 10–16

November 10

Lincoln Hall
Around 5:30 p.m. Officer Denae Murphy responded to a faculty member’s call that her wallet had been stolen, including cash, a $100 gift card, her IDs and credit cards. The case was left open after someone charged nearly $150 on the stolen credit cards.

November 11

Medical Assist
Officer Gregory Marks responded to a call regarding the welfare of a depressed student who was experiencing suicidal thoughts. After encouraging the student to seek help around 11:40 a.m., Officer Marks drove the student to OHSU to speak with doctors, picked the student up after the appointment and then drove the student back to campus.

Car Theft
Parking Structure One
A student reported that her white Honda Accord, parked on the fourth floor, was broken into between 5:15 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. From her car a shredder, a duffel bag containing around $300 worth of clothes and an additional bag containing clothes for donation were all stolen. The shredder was later found in the northeast stairwell of the structure.

November 12

Student Conduct: Firearms
Blumel Parking Lot
Officers David Troppe and Officer Jon Buck responded to a report of an abandoned car left with its doors open in the upper lot. The officers found a silver GMC Yukon as it had been reported around 1:10 a.m. The officers also found two long gun cases each containing a shot gun, one of which was loaded with six shells. When the officers searched for additional firearms, they found none, but did find camping items. Though the vehicle had a PSU parking permit, the registration did not belong to a student. While there is no further information at this time, the investigation is ongoing.

November 13

Bike Theft
Smith memorial Student Union
Officer Shawn McKenzie responded to a report around 10 a.m. that a student had her rear tire stolen from her bike, which was locked on the north side of the building between 1 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. the previous day. The student reported that her bike had a “quick release” so that the removal of the rear tire did not damage the rest of the bike.

Exclusion and Possession of Heroin
Urban Center Building
Officer Brenton Chose and Officer Chris Fischer responded to a report of a non-student, Michael Black, in the lounge on the second floor of the building. Black falsely reported himself as a student and consented to a search, during which the officers discovered a syringe loaded with heroin and a bottle of non-prescribed Xanax pills. Black was arrested and issued an exclusion.

November 15

Student Conduct
Blumel Hall
Officer Nichola Higbee and Officer Brian Rominger responded to two separate calls regarding the scent of marijuana between 10:20 p.m. and 12:20 a.m. In the first case a student forfeited a glass pipe, a pill bottle containing marijuana and a metal grinder. In the second case, a student released a small mason jar containing marijuana. All items were taken for destruction.

November 16

Possession of Methamphetamine
Parking Structure Three
Officer David Baker and Officer Murphy responded to reports of a male and female loitering in the northwest stairwell of the structure. Both suspects ran upon sight, though the male, non-student Aaron Beasley, was still apprehended after a use of force. Beasley had a current PSU exclusion, was in possession of methamphetamine and was arrested for unlawful possession.