Crime Blotter November 3–10

November 3

University Place
During the weekend of Saturday, Nov. 1, the safes within the University Place administration office were entered by the apparent knowledge of the keypad numerical code. $2,185.47 was stolen, including $250 in quarters.

Trespass Arrest
Portland State Honors House
At approximately 2:26 p.m., Officer Danae Murphy and Officer Jon Buck were dispatched to the PSU Honors House on an anonymous report of a male and female arguing. Upon arrival, officers did not observe an argument, but contacted non-students Robert Carrillo Jr., Stephan Liddene and Rachel Bjerke for having open containers of alcohol. Officer Murphy recognized Carrillo from a previous stalking allegation and recalled that he had a current PSU exclusion. Carrillo was found to possess a misdemeanor warrant for trespass. Carrillo was arrested on the warrant and for Criminal Trespass II. Liddene and Bjerke were issued PSU exclusions.

November 4

UPH/Trespass II
Smith Memorial Student Union
At approximately 4:59 p.m., Officer Murphy was dispatched to the report of someone “tweaking.” When Officer Murphy arrived, suspect Kara Lavigne appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic. Investigation revealed that Lavigne had been excluded by Officer David Chose. Lavigne was arrested and found to have a loaded syringe of heroin and other dirty syringes. Lavigne was transported to the Multnomah County Detention Center.

Warrant Arrest
Neuberger Hall
At approximately 6:25 p.m., Officer David Baker and Officer Murphy were dispatched to Neuberger Hall on a report of a female passed out in front of the elevators on the fourth floor. Upon arrival, officers found non-student Betty Harris sleeping in the middle of the hallway. Harris was immediately uncooperative and began yelling at the officers. Harris began to leave, but then attempted to walk further into the building, despite orders to leave. Harris was placed under arrest for trespass. A search showed that Harris had a misdemeanor warrant for disorderly conduct as well as a trespass warrant related to a previous arrest at PSU. Harris was lodged at the MCDC for Criminal Trespass II and misdemeanor warrants.

November 5

Warrant Arrest
Southwest 13th Avenue and Montgomery Street
Officer Baker contacted non-students Matthew Jackson and Rachel Derryberry for camping on PSU property. A search showed Jackson possessed a felony warrant for dangerous drugs. Derryberry was free of warrants, but was on supervision for Burglary II. Jackson was lodged at the MCDC on the warrants.

Warrant/Trespass Arrest
Blackstone Housing
Officer Chris Fischer and Officer Chose contacted non-student Elliot Davidson in the dumpster on the west side of Blackstone Housing. Officer Chose had earlier witnessed Davidson messing around with a bike locked at a bike rack. Davidson had a misdemeanor warrant and a current PSU exclusion. Davidson was arrested for Criminal Trespass II and his warrant, and was transported to MCDC.

PSU Exclusion Notice
King Albert grounds
At approximately 3:45 a.m., Officer David Troppe and Officer Buck contacted and subsequently issued a PSU exclusion to non-student Trevor A. Smith. Smith was observed inspecting bicycles with his flashlight as he pedaled his bicycle. Smith had in his possession a bicycle frame, large pair of bolt cutters and a backpack filled with miscellaneous tools.

November 6

Inappropriate Conduct
Southwest Sixth Avenue and College Street
PSU students reported that they were walking by a group of homeless males near the corner of Southwest Sixth Avenue and College Street when one of the males approached them and said, “We’ll sodomize you, if you want.” The students ignored the group and walked away but felt unsafe. They reported that they saw the group harassing other females on the corner as well. Sergeant Robert McCleary spoke with the males and asked them to leave. Sergeant McCleary will be forwarding the report to Portland Police Bureau Sergeant Rick Deland.

PSU Exclusion Notice
Parking Structure Three
Officer Shawn McKenzie and Officer Buck contacted and subsequently issued a PSU exclusion notice to non-student Vincent Thomas. Thomas was initially observed on his bicycle on the fourth floor of Parking Structure Three and quickly fled the garage after observing officers. An area check located him a short time later on the north side of PSU’s George C. Hoffman Hall. Thomas has a criminal history, including Burglary II and Possession of Burglary Tools.

November 7

Disorderly Conduct
Broadway Building
Officer Brian Rominger was dispatched to the Broadway Building on a report of a suspicious male wearing a green jacket yelling at people on the second floor. Officers Chose and Rominger spoke to an unknown male who said he had been yelled at. Officer Nichola Higbee contact a student on the southwest exterior of the building, who was heavily intoxicated, verbally aggressive and abusive to officers, and was uncooperative when taken into custody. A brief struggle ensued while at the MCDC sally port, and the student was placed in an isolation cell once he was searched by deputies.

Theft III/Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card
Market Center Building
A student and staff member reported that her wallet was stolen, most likely from the Market Center Building. Someone used two of her credit cards to purchase approximately $1,000 word of goods.

Warrant Arrest/Theft
Blumel Hall
Officers Higbee and Rominger contact non-student Robert Lindsay Bonnar near the southeast corner of Blumel Hall. Bonnar was changing a rear bike wheel, when Officer Rominger noticed a nearby bike that was missing a rear wheel and tire. It was discovered that Bonnar had two felony warrants, one a parole violation, the second for possession of dangerous drugs. After reading Bonnar his rights, he confessed to removing the rear bike wheel from the bike. Bonnar was transported to MCDC where he was lodged for his two warrants. Bonnar is a registered sex offender with an extensive criminal history involving dangerous drugs. Bonnar gave an initial name of Robert Lindsey Nichols.

November 8

Theft from Vehicle
Parking Structure One
At approximately 1:36 p.m., Officer Peter Ward took a report of a theft from a car parked in the basement of Parking Structure One. It appears that a frequency modifier device was used to defeat the locked vehicle, and property in excess of $1,000 was stolen.

Wallet stolen
Broadway Housing Building
A student reported that a wallet was stolen when she stepped away from her open backpack while she was in the computer lab on the second floor of the Broadway Housing Building.

November 9

Student Conduct
Blackstone Housing
Officers Buck and Troppe were dispatched to Blackstone Housing to assist a resident assistant in investigating the odor of marijuana. A student was contacted; he stated that he and a friend had earlier smoked marijuana. A search of the room found dirty syringes, which the student claimed had been left behind from an earlier officer search. Officers disposed of the syringes and left.