Crime Blotter Oct. 19-Oct. 23

Oct. 19

Suspicious Person
Parking Structure I
Officer Chris Fischer took a report of an unknown white male, scraggly brown hair, dark clothes, skinny, with a bike following a student from Shattuck Hall into the elevator at PS1. Inside the elevator the male tried talking with the student. When the student arrived on the 4th floor, she ran to her car and upon getting there, the male jumped out from behind a wall and walked toward her car. She avoided him by driving away.

Oct. 20

Smith Memorial Student Union
Officer Gary Smeltzer took a report of graffiti discovered in the gender-neutral restroom on the SMSU 4th floor. This graffiti is the latest example of the “Arm Trans Women,” “Arm the Poor,” and “Kill the Kops” tags that have been documented twice in this same restroom and once in a women’s restroom in the Art Building.

Oct. 21

Coercion, Menacing
Motel on 6th Ave
Officers Brian Rominger and Fischer took a report from two students who claimed that two unidentified men menaced one of the students, telling him he was going to be shot if he tried to run from them. The men were later identified and the Portland Police Bureau was contacted at the 6th Ave. Motel. One of the men was arrested for menacing and coercion.

Oct. 21

Warrant Arrest
Blackstone Residence Hall
Officers Denae Murphy and James Dewey contacted and subsequently arrested a non-student/non-resident found drinking in the fire escape of Blackstone with another non-student/non-resident. Both were drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade and one was found to have a warrant for PCS-Heroin, but was not in possession at the time. The man with the warrant was excluded and arrested.

Oct. 22

Suspicious Behavior, Suspected Theft
Market SMSU
Officer Peter Stuart Ward responded to a report of suspected theft of a lighter by an unknown male in his forties. The employee at the market saw the male appear to take a lighter from a stand, but was unable to confirm if a lighter had been taken, as there had been no counting of the lighters when the store opened.

Oct. 23

Warrant Arrest, Possession of Meth
12th and Montgomery
Officer McKenzie recognized past car prowlers on SW Hall and 6th. Officers Matthew Masunari and McKenzie caught up with the suspects at 12th and Montgomery. The suspects were later identified; one of the men was found to have two warrants out of Lewis County, Washington and after a search, a baggie of methamphetamines was found on his person. One of the men was issued an exclusion and the other was released.

Oct. 23

Warrant Arrest
West of Stott Field
Officer Matthew Masunari contacted two sleepers who dragged a futon couch onto the west side of Stott. After a brief investigation, one of the sleepers was found to have a warrant out of Multnomah County and was arrested. Both were issued exclusions.

Oct. 23

Criminal Mischief III
Parking Structure III
Officer Masunari took a report from a student who had taken their car to a mechanic after trouble with the turn signal. The mechanic told the student that someone had cut the wires to the turn signals.