Crime blotter: Oct. 2–8

Oct. 2

Motorcycle stolen

Parking Structure 3

Portland State Campus Public Safety Officers were flagged down by a non-student in the wee hours of the morning due to a stolen motorcycle. 

Underage sippin’

University Pointe

CPSO encountered a non-student drinking a beer in the lobby of UP around midnight. The person was underage and possessed a fake ID. The ID was seized and a warning was issued for the beer.

Oct. 3

Box of ammo

Parking Structure 3

CPSO encountered two individuals in the northwest stairwell of PS3. One person fled after dropping their backpack where a box of .22 ammunition was discovered.

Came to smoke

Ondine Parking Lot

A non-student made some illegal turns while driving into OND parking lot. CPSO issued an exclusion to the individual who claimed they came to “smoke this blunt” and then leave. 

Scruffy table-flinger

Broadway Building Chipotle

A scruffy, white male adult reportedly flung one of Chipotle’s patio tables into the street. The table was damaged and traffic had been impeded but the culprit was nowhere to be found.

Six bikes stolen

University Center Building Parking Garage

A Bike Hub employee reported that between Sept. 27–Oct. 3, six “abandoned” student bicycles had been stolen from a secure caged-off area of the UCB parking garage. More information is being gathered.

Oct. 4

Five bucks and a broken window

Parking Structure 3

A student returned to the third floor of PS3 to find their vehicle’s window broken and reported five dollars missing from within. 

Smokin’ meth

Stott Field

Two non-students were contacted and one was arrested for possession of methamphetamine west of Stott Field on ODOT property.

Oct. 5

Person won’t come out of the closet

Fourth Avenue Building

CPSO responded to reports that a person refused to leave a closet in the FAB. The person was convinced to exit and then proceeded to walk onto SW 4th Ave and intentionally block traffic. The individual was arrested and transported to MCDC and warned that entering FAB again would also result in arrest.

Scammed into buying music

CPSO Office

Student reported that he had been notified that his IP address had been compromised. The individual then got scammed into buying $300 of iTunes gift cards before realizing they had been duped.

Oct. 6

Phone charged, person arrested

Art Building

Suspicious character was contacted when they were using an extension cord to charge their cell phone. Individual already had an exclusion and was arrested for Criminal Trespass 2.

Flute and laptop stolen

Lincoln Hall

PSU staff member reported that at some point between September and October their Macbook and Powell Flute had been stolen from their office.

Cash taken aggressively

Powell’s Bookstore

Student reported two males had snatched their wallet from their hand and removed the cash before throwing their bag onto the ground.

Oct. 7

Urinator excluded


CPSO made contact with a person who was pissing on the north side of the OND building. The human informed the officer that he had MRSA and was subsequently excluded and instructed to turn himself in for an outstanding warrant.

Oct. 8

Snoozing possessor of meth

Parking Structure 1

A non-student was found sleeping on the fourth floor of PS1. The person was in possession of methamphetamine and issued an exclusion by CPSO.