Crime Blotter: Oct. 23-29

Crime blotter Oct. 23–29

Oct. 23

Pushy trespassing
Academic and Student Recreation Center

Campus Public Safety Officers received several calls of a suspicious person hanging about in the lobby. One caller alleged the individual pushed them. The unwanted loiterer was arrested for trespass as they had a current Portland State University exclusion.

Oct. 24

Flew the coop
Hoffman Hall

Two non-student juveniles had run away from a facility; CPSO located them and took them home.

Trying to get warm heats up cold cases
Parking Structure 3

Two officers made contact with a non-student who claimed to be heading to higher floors for warmth but did not have a car in the structure. The “Warmer” had a current exclusion and was cited for trespass. Later on, CPSO reviewed footage from a previous car theft and discovered that the Warmer had previously entered a student’s vehicle, stolen a debit card and used it to make purchases. The Warmer was charged with Trespass II, UEMV, Criminal Mischief II, Credit Card Fraud x2, and Identity Theft x2. The Warmer was arrested and given lodging at the Multnomah County Detention Center.

Everything important stolen
SW 12th and SW Mill

A car parked overnight was broken into. The victim told the Campus Public Safety Office their Herschel backpack containing a U.S. passport, birth certificate, tax papers and textbooks was stolen.

Oct. 25

Copy machine bandit
Millar Library

Around midday, a thief was likely disappointed after breaking into a copy machine and discovering it only contained $3, which they spitefully stole.

Oct. 26

Trespasser hates trash cans
Ed Wyse Beauty Supply

Officers responded to reports of a person kicking over trashcans. When CPSO arrived, the non-student refused to leave and was arrested for trespass.

Oct. 27

Food cart lock damaged
West of Blackstone Residence Hall

CPSO received a report that someone had attempted to break into a food cart overnight. The cart’s lock was damaged, but the attempt to gain entry was unsuccessful.

Oct. 28

Suspected drug possession
Parking Structure 3

CPSO contacted a non-student who claimed to be passing through the structure but didn’t appear to be. The person had a metal cooker; CPSO thought it might have heroin residue on it and excluded the individual.

Oct. 29

Clip-in pedals without the shoes
SW 6th and SW Jackson

CPSO spotted a person riding a fancy bicycle wearing “two backpacks…gloves with a bandana” and stopped them. The person claimed the bicycle was a friend’s but couldn’t provide information about the owner. The bicycle had clip-in pedals, but the rider didn’t have clip-in shoes. The $2,000 Cannondale bicycle was taken and held in PPB property.