Crime blotter Oct. 24–30

Oct. 24

Burglary II, Theft II Arrest, PV Detainer
Cramer Hall, Library and SW Market
Campus Public Safety officers responded to a report of a disturbance in the library. They found one involved person. At SW Market they located another person who admitted to moving a computer for safe keeping. The person was charged with Burglary II, excluded from campus, and the person’s Parole Officer issued a detainer.

Oct. 25

Car Prowl
Art Building Parking Lot
The front passenger window of a student’s car was smashed.

Oct. 26

Unauthorized Person
Academic & Student Recreation Center
A student was identified as sleeping overnight in an area where she is not permitted to do so. Officer Denae Murphy let her know that the Broadway lab is open 24/7 for studying.

Oct. 27

Anti-Smoking Confrontation
Near Metro Cafe
A student was walking from Parking Structure 3 while smoking a cigarette when a white female with short burgundy hair yelled at her for smoking on campus then poked her and exclaimed that a friend’s “baby died from smoking!”

Oct. 28

Warrant Arrest
Parking Structure Three
CPS officer David Baker contacted a male non-student for trespassing and arrested him for five outstanding warrants.

Car Prowl
Parking Structure Three
The right front passenger window of a student’s vehicle had been broken and a quarter cello stolen.

PSU Campus
A student reported that on Oct. 10 and 16, the same suspect grabbed her by the arms and asked for money for “blow.” During the Oct. 10 incident the suspect kissed her on the left arm. The suspect was described as a black male in his 30s, 5’7” with medium build who walks hunched over and pigeon-toed.

Oct. 29

Missing Student
Washington County Sheriff’s Office took a missing person report of a PSU student. As of Oct. 31 the student is still reported missing.

Intimidation II
Ondine Residence Hall
A person reported that another person made offensive physical contact while using derogatory terms regarding sexual orientation. The victim was provided with an advocate. The offender was arrested and lodged at Multnomah County Detention Center and evicted from University Housing.

Oct. 30

Dead dolphin
Student Research & Teaching Center
A student reported the odor of rotten eggs to CPS who contacted Portland Fire Bureau. They did not detect any natural gas, but they did find the decomposing body of a dead dolphin.