Crime blotter Oct. 26–Nov 1.

Oct. 26

Unauthorized Entry of Motor Vehicle
Parking Structure III
Officer Brian Rominger took a report from a student who stated that a male opened her passenger door and leaned inside. The student reported that the man saw her sitting in the driver’s seat, froze, backed out of the car and proceeded up the stairs on the north side of the third floor.

Disruptive Student
Education and Business Administration
Officers Chris Fischer and David Troppe responded to an email about a disruptive student who was acting very “strange.” Upon arrival, the officers spoke with the instructor, who did not wish to have the student removed. The student was intoxicated and received a warning about their conduct.

Oct. 27

Burglary II, Criminal Mischief II
Smith Memorial Student Union
Officer Troppe responded to a call on the third-floor mezzanine of SMSU to investigate a burglary. Seven doors had damage as if they had been forced open. After speaking with various employees, it appears that the damage occurred on the night of Oct. 26. At this time, nothing is reported missing. Smith Ops is looking at adding metal plates to prevent this in the future.

Oct. 28

Warrant Info
Millar Library
Officer Gary Smeltzer contacted a male who was bathing in the first floor men’s restroom of the Millar Library. The male provided his name but no other identification. The man had tattoos on his forearms: right, “Life’s a Bitch,” and left, “And Then You Die.” The man was hostile and had obvious mental issues, and was escorted from the building. Within the next half an hour, CPSO received two calls of a person matching the man’s description acting erratic and verbally threatening others. Area checks failed to find the suspect, but further research determined that the man has a misdemeanor warrant for criminal trespassing.

Oct. 29

Parking Structure III
Officers Matthew Masunari, Fischer and Shawn McKenzie made a welfare check on two non-students who were slumped over in their car. After a search, a small amount of heroin was found. Both were issued an exclusion.

Attempted Burglary, Criminal Mischief
Science Research and Teaching Center
Officer Masunari took a report from a faculty member that doors on the fourth floor of the SRTC had been tampered with in an attempted burglary. The rooms that were tampered with had many expensive scientific instruments and equipment in them. No property has been reported stolen, and there were no signs that entry was made into any of the rooms with property.

Oct. 30

Warrant, Unlawful Possession of Heroin, PSU Exclusions
Smith Memorial Student Union

Officers Masunari and Rominger contacted two non-students, a man and a woman, who came out of a single occupancy bathroom on the first floor mezzanine of SMSU. The man had a misdemeanor warrant, and when taken into custody, heroin was found. The woman was issued an exclusion and sent on her way.

Distance Learning Center
Officer Rominger and Sgt. McCleary contacted a student and non-student occupying a third floor single occupancy bathroom inside the DLC on Oct. 30. The two admitted to engaging in sexual activity and the non-student was issued an exclusion.

Nov. 1

Fire Alarm
Broadway Housing
CPSO was dispatched to the Broadway Housing building for a fire alarm activation. It was found that a potato left cooking in a microwave caught fire. The Portland Fire Bureau arrived and cleared it. The incident was contained to the microwave.

Public Indecency
Cramer Hall

Officer Troppe was dispatched to the first floor, south side of Cramer Hall, to attempt to locate a male who had urinated on the wall and then began masturbating. Officer Troppe arrived and conducted an area check; however, the man was not located. The student who reported the incident stated that she had been in Cramer Hall when she saw a man circle around her twice, then take out his penis and urinate on the wall. When the man began to masturbate, the student left and called CPSO.