Crime Blotter: Oct. 30-Nov. 5

Oct. 30

Warranted arrest
Lovejoy Fountain

Campus Public Safety Officers assisted Portland Police Bureau in checking a non-student for outstanding warrants. The individual had one and was arrested.

Too ambitious recycler
Green Zebra

CPSO was dispatched to Green Zebra when four bags containing bottles and cans were stolen from its loading dock by a green-leaning thief.

Oct. 31

Spooky serendipity
Parking Structure 1

A Portland State University student witnessed someone breaking into their vehicle. The student’s friend recorded a video and forwarded that footage to the Campus Public Safety Office.

Nov. 1

Thief likes clubbin’
Parking Structure 3

CPSO met with another PSU student whose vehicle was broken into. The thief took a set of golf clubs and two baseball bats.

Party crashers suspected
University Pointe

A PSU student met with CPSO to report that their laptop was missing. The student suspected two uninvited party crashers to be the culprits.

Poorly parked and keyed
Parking Structure 3

A non-student told CPSO their parking abilities were called into question by way of a note someone placed on their car; later, someone keyed their car.

Nov. 2

Spooky serendipity solved
SW 12th and SW Clay

CPSO made contact with an individual who verbally confessed they had entered the vehicle of the student who recorded them on Halloween and stole sunglasses while inside. The suspect was arrested for Unlawful Entry into a Motor Vehicle and Theft II and taken to Multnomah County Sheriff Jail where it was discovered they had methamphetamine and heroin stashed on their person.

Nov. 3

Window smashed
SW 13th and Market

A student parked their vehicle on SW 13th and returned to find the driver window smashed and a tan bag filled with papers missing.

Nov. 4

Bike ain’t nothin’ without a tire
Neuberger Hall Exterior

CPSO saw a suspicious person in the South Park blocks hauling a bike frame around. Two officers went looking for the person; the officers found the suspect eyeing a secured bicycle tire. They told CPSO they didn’t have one for their bike. They were issued a PSU exclusion.

Nov. 5

Cramer Camper
Cramer Hall

Around 3 a.m., CPSO responded to reports that a person was setting up camp in Cramer Hall. The individual had a current exclusion and was cited for trespassing.

Sleeper screams
Park Blocks

A non-student was discovered to be sleeping on a bench in the park. CPSO reports the individual had a hunting knife near them, was intoxicated, and screamed a lot while identifying themselves. The screaming continued as officers filled out their paperwork.