Crime blotter Oct. 31-Nov. 6

Oct. 31

Fire alarm
Broadway Building
At about 9:30 p.m. on Halloween a cotton candy machine in the main lobby sent a cloud of sugar into the air, which triggered the fire alarm. Portland Fire Bureau responded and cleared the alarm.

Arrest warrants/Trespass II
Harder House
Non-students Colette Dean and Phillip Houseknecht were drinking alcohol on the steps and contacted by Campus Public Safety Office. Dean had two warrants and an exclusion.

Nov. 1

Welfare check
SW Fifth and Jackson
A non-student was found asleep on a city bench with two broken liquor bottles at his feet. The man, who has been the subject of numerous prior CPSO contacts, was woken up and reminded of his exclusion from Portland State University. He left the area.

Nov. 2

Theft of clothing
Broadway House
A student put her clothing in the dryer. When she went back later that day, her clothing was gone.

Parking dispute
Park Mill lot
A customer claimed parking harassed her for parking in a 30-minute timed spot and prevented her from entering and accessing her car. CPSO suggested that the customer file a complaint.

Off campus
A student reported that a white male grabbed her buttocks. The suspect was described as in his 20s, brown hair parted on the left and combed back, blue eyes, brown neatly trimmed beard. The victim wants the person who grabbed her arrested.

Unlawful entry to a motor vehicle and theft
Art Building Parking
The driver’s side passenger window of a student’s car was smashed. Stolen was a Nike bag containing workout clothes, food and a gold necklace.

Nov. 3

SW Broadway/SW Harrison
A PSU student was approached by an unknown male who stated he was going to kill her. Reaching for her throat with both of his hands, the man repeated that he was going to kill her.

Public indecency
St. Helen’s Residence Hall
A male exposed himself to a female student and masturbated outside the south entrance. A male with a similar description was seen leaving the area and ran when approached. The suspect was described as a white male, about 20 years old, a little shorter than 6’ and scrawny.

Nov. 4

Unwanted person
King Albert Residence Hall
Talking about guns and taking items from a student booth, Shawn Patterson was reported to CPSO. Officer David Baker contacted Patterson who returned the items and left campus.

Nov. 5

Verbal dispute
Smith Memorial Student Union Cafeteria
Male A was trying to make male B leave the cafeteria. Male A said male B was a sex offender and would not let him sit at an unoccupied table and plug in his laptop. Male B said he was a student, but datamaster showed that he has never completed a class at PSU and has not registered since winter 2015. Male B decided to leave and told officer Michael Anderson the he would hear from his lawyer.

Nov. 6

Theft from Acura
Parking Structure One
A student reported that property had been stolen from his gold Acura. Pried out of the vehicle was a sound system, including speakers. Also stolen were clothing and shoes, a credit card and debit cards. The student said he was alerted to the theft when Wells Fargo informed him his account was overdrawn.