Crime blotter: Sept. 17–25

Sept. 17

Los Angeles voicemail threatens faculty

On Campus

Shortly after noon on Sept. 17, a Portland State faculty member notified Campus Public Safety Office of a threat left on their voicemail. The only clue is the call came from a Los Angeles area code. The nature of the threat was not disclosed.

Sept. 18

Snatched purse

Lincoln Hall

Shortly after midnight, a PSU employee temporarily left a purse and work cart unsupervised on the second floor of Lincoln Hall. During this time, the purse disappeared and was presumably stolen.

The purse contained $500 and multiple IDs, including the employee’s children’s Social Security cards.

Salt and pepper fails to get past

University Place Hotel

Around 5 a.m. a white male, who appeared to be in his mid-fifties, with long salt and pepper hair and black clothing forcefully attempted to take a luggage cart out of the hotel’s lobby. A desk clerk saved the cart from being stolen but received minor injuries in the process.

Peugeot bicycle made less great

Millar Library

A PSU student locked their Peugeot bicycle up at 10 a.m. and returned at 2 p.m. to find the rear wheel, a Mavie, and its tire, a Marathon, were stolen. The wheel is said to have a quick release.

Dorm: Burgled

University Pointe

A student reported a burglary close to midnight. They had been on vacation for two months and when they returned, two bags and a wallet were missing. The responding CPS officer did not find signs of forced entry.

Tool kit and windows missing

Parking Structure 3

A thief smashed the rear windows of a PSU student’s vehicle in Parking 3 in the middle of the night. A yellow Lowe’s tool kit was stolen from the vehicle.

Display cabinet burgled

Science Building 1

An overnight burglar busted into a display cabinet on the 3rd floor of Science Building 1. Various works including hand-blown glass figurines were stolen.

Sept. 19

MacBook Pro stolen from vehicle


A PSU student’s grey vehicle was broken into during the afternoon. The thief appears to have entered the car via the smashed rear window. The student reported a missing light-blue backpack containing a 15” MacBook Pro.

Purse and coat vanished

Science Building 1

A PSU employee left their purse and coat unattended on the first floor of Science building 1. At 9 a.m. they set these items down, only to have them disappear a mere half hour later.

Sept. 20

Non-student suicide attempt


A non-student attempted suicide in the men’s restroom on the first floor of Lincoln Hall. For those in crisis or need of help, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has phone operators 24 hours/day. The phone number is 800-273-8255.

False alarm

University Center Building

Portland Fire service responded to an alarm in the UCB. Responders learned construction work near UCB Room 430 accidentally triggered the fire alarm and no fires were reported.

Sept. 21

Trespassing coffee splasher arrested

Urban Plaza

A person with a history of throwing coffee at people and causing a scene was asked to be excluded from Starbucks. This person had a current exclusion from PSU and was arrested for trespassing. Officers lodged the coffee splasher at Multnomah County Detention Center and issued a new exclusion from the Urban Plaza Starbucks.

Sept. 22

Repeat trespasser arrested

Engineering Building

A non-student with two PSU exclusions for breaking into automobiles was given a verbal warning to leave campus but returned later and was arrested for trespassing on the south side of the Engineering Building.

Four warrants and one arrest

Urban Plaza

A non-student was discovered to have four misdemeanor warrants but was only arrested once.

CPSO adds more security to bicycle

King Albert Residence hall

Around 11 p.m. two CPS officers discovered an expensive green Specialized mountain bike secured with an inexpensive cable lock. They contacted a King Albert Resident Advisor who put a u-lock on the bike. One of the officers took the bike seat back to the CPS office to prevent it from being stolen as well.

P.O. box keys taken from glove box


Around suppertime, a PSU employee notified CPSO their car was broken into, resulting in the theft of a dated red Louis Vuitton keychain that held two FedEx post office box keys.

You keep your car, thief takes your board


A student parked on the 5th floor of Parking Structure 1 for 22 hours. Within that time, their rear window was smashed and a longboard was taken.

Sept. 23

Non-students loitering


Two non-students were hanging about on the roof of Parking Structure 3 when two CPS officers notified them they weren’t allowed to be there. One of the people ran away.

Felon arrested, paraphernalia confiscated

Parkmill Parking Lot

A non-student and a second person with a felony warrant occupied a stolen vehicle in the parking lot of the Parkmill building when CPS officers contacted them. The person with the felony warrant operated the stolen vehicle and was charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle and taken to MCDC. The non-student was given a citation for trespassing. Drug paraphernalia and other items were removed from the vehicle and the car was returned to its rightful owner.

Sept. 24

Wardrobe drastically reduced


At about 7 a.m. a PSU student preparing to move into student housing reported their car’s rear driver side window was broken while parked in front of the University Place Hotel. “All the clothing they own was stolen.”

Laptop, Wallet, Keys, and books stolen

Smith Memorial Student Union

A PSU student left their laptop bag unattended for two hours inside an SMSU room for two hours. The bag contained their laptop, wallet, keys and books. None of these items remained when the student returned.

Documents allegedly rifled through


A student may or may not have left their car unlocked and contacted CPSO to report they thought someone may have rifled through paperwork in the vehicle’s glove box.