Crime Blotter Sept. 5–Oct. 1

Sept. 5

Smith Memorial Student Union Park Blocks
A street preacher described an incident to Officer David Troppe, where he reported being shoved, headbutted and punched by a male who called himself by a nickname. The victim did not sustain visible injuries. A witness described the incident as a shoulder check “at best.” According to the report, the nicknamed individual initially contacted officers, but left before they arrived.

Sept. 8

Unlawful Possession of Firearms, Trespass, Theft
Parking Structure I
After 11 p.m., Officers David Baker, Matthew Masunari and James Dewey responded to a report of two car prowlers in Parking Structure I. They contacted two non-students, one of whom was in possession of a loaded Springfield semi-automatic handgun, a metal glass breaker tool and a folding knife. The other suspect was in possession of several items said to be stolen. Both were apprehended and issued exclusions.

Sept. 12

Suspicious Behavior
Millar Library
At 7:20 p.m., Officer Nichola Higbee responded to a report of a suspicious male, possibly in possession of a knife, who had followed a female student near Millar Library. The student reported that the suspect followed her from the downtown library to the street car, and continued to follow her on foot around campus. Higbee contacted the suspect, who denied following anyone. The suspect appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic and was “acting odd.” After escorting the student home, Higbee was unable to re-contact the suspect to issue an exclusion.

Sept. 16

Student of Concern
Campus Public Safety Office
Officer Dewey contacted a student in the CPSO offices who reported a series of strange instances, including someone switching an old license place with a new one during the ice storm of 2014, someone changing the color of the student’s car console, and people entering the student’s home to put glitter on the floor. Dewey took a report, gave out his business card and referred the student to SHAC.

Sept. 17

Sky bridge between School of Education and University Services Building
At approximately 7:30 p.m., Officer Shawn McKenzie responded to a call of an electrical fire on the sky bridge between the School of Education Building and USB. The area is currently under renovation. The Portland Fire Department responded and blocked off the area. PSU facilities personnel and the hired construction company were contacted with reports of the fire.

Sept. 21

Vehicle Crash
Epler Hall
At about 4 p.m., Officer Chris Fischer responded to Epler Hall regarding a vehicle that had crashed into the building. Staff members at Little Vikings said a driver of a U-Haul attempted to drive between two cement pillars and the building and scraped the awning. The driver provided identification to Little Viking staff and no criminal charges were filed.

Sept. 23

Sex Abuse III, Harassment, Trespass II, Menacing
Ondine and University Center Building
At approximately 9 p.m., Officers Peter Ward, Manusari and Dewey responded to a report of suspicious persons, though suspects had left before the officers arrived. Later, Ward and Manusari responded to a student reporting being groped near UCB by a suspect matching the description from the original report of a suspicious person. The officers located and apprehended the suspect and referred the victim to the Women’s Resource Center.

Sept. 29

Criminal Mischief II
At 7:30 p.m., Officer Troppe responded to a report of graffiti in the SMSU fourth floor gender-neutral bathroom. A stall had been marked in red with “ARM TRANS WOMEN” and “ARM THE POOR.” Similar graffiti was reported on Aug. 27 in the third-floor women’s restroom of the Art Building.

Sept. 28

Lincoln Hall
Officer Troppe responded to a report of theft on the third floor of Lincoln Hall. A computer and camera had been stolen from a cabinet that appeared to be damaged. The items were likely last seen mid-June.

Oct. 1

Officer Fischer reported that Officer Ward received report of fliers posted in SMSU displaying the photo of a student, with the student’s name and the title “rapist” displayed beneath.

Bag Theft
SMSU Day Care
A Portland State student reported that, while picking up a child from day care, an unknown male entered the childcare center and stole the student’s bag containing a wallet, keys and school supplies.