Crime blotter: while you’ve been gone

End of Summer Portland State Crime Blotter

Aug. 8
Sexual harassment
Shattuck Hall

Portland State Campus Public Safety Officers were contacted by a PSU student around 9:30 p.m. after an unknown white male followed her between Neuberger Hall and Shattuck Hall and told her, “I want to fuck you” and attempted to gain entry into the west side entrance of SH building. CPSO did an area check around the building and was unable to find the suspect.

Aug. 14
Felon with a handgun
Epler Hall

CPS officers arrested a non-student and convicted felon outside Little Vikings Daycare at 9 a.m. for theft by receiving. The non-student was in possession of a 9 millimeter semiautomatic handgun and a suspected stolen bike.

Aug. 18
“Some really good weed”
Parking Structure One

A naked non-student was excluded from the PSU campus by CPSO after they were found walking down the PS1 staircase only wearing a white construction helmet, a backpack, shoes, and a pair of yoga pants that were down around their ankles. The non-student had their genitals exposed and was under the influence of “some really good weed.”

Endangering children
South Park Blocks

A non-student was reported to CPSO for swinging a blue bag at children within the play area of the South Park Blocks. The man was later arrested and booked for a misdemeanor warrant.

Aug. 24
Fountain bathing
Hoffman Hall

CPS officers were contacted after receiving reports of a non-student bathing in the fountain near Hoffman Hall. The non-student was in violation of an existing campus exclusion and wanted by their parole officer, who later issued a detainer.

Aug. 27
Threatening with a knife
Park Blocks

A former PSU student contacted CPSO after a man threatened him with a knife and said, “I’m going to cut your throat.” CPSO believe the description fits the identity of Gary Spry but was unable to find Spry after searching the area.

Aug. 28
Man arrested for everything
Lincoln Hall

Officers found a non-student on the first floor of Lincoln Hall in the men’s restroom for suspicion of drug use. The non-student was charged with trespassing and wanted on a felony warrant in addition to possessing methamphetamine, stolen property, and providing false information to officers.

Aug. 29
Racially-charged poster feuds
Smith Memorial Student Union

CPSO officers received an email concerning a note that had been placed over a poster on the PSU campus. Originally the poster read, “Reject White Supremacy,” and the paper added to the sign read, “And Brown Pride Chicano Pride Black Power.”

Sept. 1
Market Center Building

Student security made a report to CPSO for graffiti reading “FU” on the PSU sign near the SW corner of the Market Center Building.

Sept. 2
Car break-in
Parking Structure 1

CPSO was contacted shortly before midnight after a non-student’s car was found to be burglarized on the first floor of Parking Structure One. The car was reportedly locked when the owner returned to it, but the contents were thrown around from the inside and a purse had been taken from the trunk. The victim also reported fraudulent transactions on their debit card.

Sept. 3
Looking for a bathroom with a hatchet
West Heating Plant

CPSO contacted a non-student near the West Heating Plant at around 5:38 p.m. The non-student claimed they were looking for a place to use the restroom and was in possession of a small hatchet and knife, which was secured to the front of their bike.

Sept. 4
Reckless burning
Park Blocks

Officers contacted a non-student for burning a pile of papers within the PSU park blocks. Offender was issued a citation before being arrested for reckless burning.

Sept. 7
Park Blocks

CPSO was contacted by a non-student who reported he had been attacked and robbed in the SW Park Blocks by three young white males wearing white dust masks.

Sept. 11
Public Indecency
Millar Library

Jose Ulloa, a non-student, was excluded and arrested by CPSO after masturbating outside the employee entrance of the Millar Library at approximately 5 p.m.