Cunningham and Garrick win

Student body elections have come to a close. The polls closed at 4 p.m. yesterday and results were available at 4:30 p.m.

Just over 1,000 students voted in this year’s election. This is comparable to previous turnouts which were done with paper ballots.

The new ASPSU officers and senators for 2001-2002 are as follows.

Mary Cunningham will be the new ASPSU president. Cunningham won with 514 votes and Emily Garrick will serve as vice president.

Chris Moller won as Student Fee Committee chair, with 538 votes.

The new Student Fee Committee members will be Tiffany Jenks, who won with 438 votes, Quinn Collett, who won with 416 votes, Ilkyu Lee, who won with 377 votes, Tracy Earll, who won with 357 votes and Milton A. Ortega, who won with 331 votes. Committee members will work with the SFC chair to manage the distribution of student fees to various student groups.

Erin McCarty will serve as ASPSU treasurer. McCarty received 346 votes.

This year’s 19 new senators are Bar Johnston, David Jiminez, Dimitris Desyllas, Shane Jordan, Cory L. Murphy, Keyoshia Vaughan, Carolyn Becker-Snell, Tiffani Jackson-Davis, Amara Marino, Elijah Michalowski, Steve R. Hamilton, Jeremy Rosenbloom, Lindsay Robideaux, Abigail Audette, Sahr Yambasu, Santiago Mendoza, David M. Levy, Marc Hinz, and Jeff Anderson.

The turnout was close to the average for spring elections. Nikole Cheron, ASPSU elections committee chair felt that the elections ran smoothly despite a month delay and the League of Women Voters backing out as a third party.

Shaun Marks, an elections committee member, said he felt a third party was definitely needed. He said the committee did not have enough neutral volunteers to man the elections headquarters for as long as they would have liked.

Cheron explained the the league was not comfortable with electronic voting. Cheron siad, however, that the office of information technology went to great length to ensure the security of the process.

“All in all, I think it went well,” Cheron said. “If we had a chance to do it again we would definitely have more computers in the elections center, but we didn’t have the time or resources. Nobody had enough time.”

The elections committee will meet on Friday at 10 a.m. to address complaints about the process.