Dear 49ers Fans,

Why are there so many of you here? I can’t even walk to class without seeing a 49ers hat. It seems like every third person I meet has some relation to the bay, whether they lived there or they just happen to root for Stephen Curry or Colin Kaepernick.

Being a Northwest sports fan, it’s not hard for me to admit that I dislike California sports. My father did a great job raising me as a Lakers hater, and my hatred grows stronger every day. The Lakers are especially bad, because Lakers fans are everywhere. But as of late, I haven’t seen any Lakers jerseys around. It’s fantastic isn’t it? I wonder why that is?

Geographically, my hope would be that the farther north one travels up California, the better the sports fans would be. But you guys, you Bay Area fans are becoming even more noticeable than Lakers fans this year. Especially all over colleges. Eugene and Corvallis are filled with Bay Area students because college is simply cheaper up here than it is in California. So instead of battling the San Francisco 49ers and Golden State Warriors fan bases from afar, I have to deal with you guys on my way to class.

This has become especially annoying as of late because, unfortunately for me, Bay Area sports are actually good. A lot of those teams in Northern California have seen success in the last five years. What this means is that all these people I see on the daily can back up what they are saying.

There is a pinnacle to this rivalry I have created within the bounds of Portland State’s campus. And it was Sunday’s game. You know, that NFC championship game that ended with an incredible Richard Sherman tip to a season ending interception for your beloved 49ers. Maybe that will stop the hats? To me, this game represented the relationship the Northwest and the Bay Area have; a very chippy game by two excellent sports teams. The true feelings for the two teams came out in that Sherman interview, I’m sure you loved it 49ers fans. Sherman called 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree soft, and boasted about his and his defense’s excellent game.

Now I realize that what Sherman did was not exactly classy. It has been a huge topic of conversation, and a lot of people feel very heated about it. But I urge you 49ers fans, look at this for what it is. Crabtree talked trash all week. And so what, who didn’t? But he specifically disrespected Sherman during the game, and Sherman let his feelings show it. It just so happened that the interview came right after the Seahawks had made the Super Bowl, due to an incredible play by guess who, Richard Sherman. He was jacked, pumped, excited, whatever word you want to say. I am not defending him in any way. He absolutely shouldn’t have said that. But I can understand why it happened.

With that said, I am so happy that the Seahawks sent the Niners packing.

At my roots, I will always be a fan of sports in the Northwest. And I guess the reason I am so upset with all of these Bay Area sports fans up here is because I expect everyone here to love the Blazers and Seahawks. But that’s just not how it works. So Bay Area sports fans, I don’t like that there are so many of you here in Oregon, all over our college campuses. But ultimately, I respect the statement it makes as fans to go into another city and strongly root for their teams. Especially if it has an impact on me. Just put away your damn 49ers hats.


Alex Moore
Vanguard Sports Desk