Dear Faculty Senate

I am writing this letter to thank you for the resolution passed November 4, 2002 [“Resolution: Dissent is not unpatriotic.” Nov. 20, read at]. Your resolution to discourage the usage of the words “terrorism” and “ecoterrorism” inappropriately and to encourage active democratic participation and civic engagement directly affects groups such as the Women’s Resource Center.

A large part of our activities involve advocating for the rights and services of underrepresented populations. It is integral to the soul of our organization to reserve the right to hold rallies, to be outspoken and to engage in non-violent civil disobedience when necessary. Universities and student groups have been a giant force in most social movements and it is important that we remain active in causes and in the critical analysis of our society in order to affect change.

It has become a bit frightening since Sept. 11 to be an activist for any cause due to the paranoia and misunderstanding of activist groups. Although the Women’s Resource Center has felt incredibly supported by Portland State University and by the Portland community, it is chilling to see other forms of activism demonized. It has been shown historically that once one cause or peoples are attacked, it will not be long before others are targeted. Knowing this, we appreciate the support and activism you have shown in defending civil liberties.

Aimee Shattuck

Coordinator of Central Services