Do more than ridicule

As a member of the E&CR both last year and the next who voted for the ruling stating that the candidates are to be disqualified, I must say that I am quite offended by this accusation (Letters, Vanguard, May 28). There are no grounds for such an attack on me or any other member of ASPSU.

First off, for me to have any sort of anti-Japanese sentiment is ridiculous, seeing that my girlfriend is of Japanese descent.

Secondly, I would like to note that I have never heard the name Jamesha Catherine Walker in this office (ASPSU) before, so I am not sure how this person can possibly understand the reason or purpose for the ruling we made, especially since he or she is basically accusing us of racism.

ASPSU must abide by its own rules and laws. The purpose of having a constitution and bylaws is not so that we can pick and choose which sections to omit.

The candidates that were in question did not meet the criteria necessary to be placed on the ballot according to the Election Committee’s bylaws; therefore we ruled that they must be disqualified. That is the only reason for the ruling, and its purpose was that of upholding ASPSU’s rules.

I hope that the next time Jamesha Catherine Walker chooses to voice his or her opinion regarding ASPSU decisions, he or she puts at least a little effort into researching the issue before blurting out absurd accusations of its members. May I also suggest that he or she, and anyone else for that matter, take a little more interest in ASPSU, beyond reading past Vanguard articles.

Michael-Sean Kelley

E&CR member, ASPSU