Double Duty

Since June I have been far too busy with editorial duties to have time for reporting, which is something that I missed. Toward the end of the summer I began thinking about reporting on the university studies program at PSU, which is something that is often discussed on campus PSU, but only privately.

It was an enormous undertaking that relied on the patience and cooperation of many PSU faculty and students, all of whom I feel are passionate about creating a better university experience, regardless of how one feels about university studies. It was necessary to speak with dozens of people, both on and off the record. While we try to avoid using confidential sources in our reporting, it is sometimes necessary to allow a source to go unnamed in order that they may speak frankly without fear of retribution.

This story involved the use of sources who work as FRINQ mentors, as well as members of PSU faculty, many of whom wished to remain anonymous in order to protect what they perceived as potential threat to future employment.

PSU hires many of its faculty based on a 9 month contract.

Look for the article in tomorrow’s print edition, with added content available online.