Downtown food carts (10th and Alder)

El Taco Yucateco

El Taco Yucateco specializes in Yucatan cuisine, which is not your typical Mexican food selection. They’re especially known for their awesome panuchos, which are fried tortillas filled with black beans, chicken and fresh veggies including avocado and pickled onions. They also offer burritos, tortas and amazing tacos, including their tasty pulled pork. The portions are large, which you’ll notice if you try a tostada or tortilla bowl, and you might have a wait while the food is cooked to perfection. But if you enjoy authentic Mexican food with fresh ingredients and lots of spice, this cart will make you happy.


BBQ Fusion has garnered a reputation for being one of the fastest food carts to prepare a meal. The combos may be simple—ribs, pulled pork, chicken or sausage with cole slaw and beans—but you’ll probably have the box in your hands before you put away your wallet. They still manage to serve slow-cooked meat with their own marinades and make the side dishes fresh every day. A mere $6 will get you a decent-size meal, and they’ll probably suggest you try the Alabama white sauce along with it. If you like meat with zingy flavor, it’s hard not to recommend this cart.


Despite the continental name, Euro Dish is actually dedicated to Polish cuisine. If you’ve ever wanted to eat pierogis (fried dumplings), goulash (meat and noodle stew), blintzes (thin pancakes) or kielbasa (a type of sausage), then this highly recommended and highly delicious food cart is for you. The homestyle dishes are cooked by the friendly Polish owner who takes her time with hearty meals that will inspire you to visit Eastern Europe. With the sheer number of Asian and Mexican options among Portland’s food carts, Euro Dish can be a welcome alternative for those looking to try something new.


There’s nothing better than some really delicious soup on a rainy Portland day. Savor offers a wide selection of gluten-free soups like Hungarian mushroom, potato leek, cauliflower and tomato with fennel and orange. Their grilled cheese bar compliments perfectly and you can top your sandwich with a variety of different cheeses and ingredients like vegemite, pesto, bacon, caramelized onions and the house’s own apple and pear butters. Other incredible sandwich options are available, and many customers love a simple bowl of chili topped with corn bread. Savor also makes deliveries in case you’re looking for a delicious option for low-key parties and picnics.

Caspian Kabob

A relatively new addition to the S.W. 10th and Alder food cart pod, Caspian Kabob offers reasonable prices and generous portions of traditional Persian cuisine. The barg kabob, made with sirloin steak, is a popular favorite, but there are other choices such as lamb, chicken and veggie. Try the shirazi salad and don’t forget the masto khiar, which is the famous Persian yogurt and cucumber dipping sauce. If you’ve never eaten Persian before, look up Caspian Kabob’s Facebook page for some amazing photos that will send you right down to see the friendly staff at their food cart establishment.