English department announces 40th annual Nina Mae Kellogg Awards

Faculty and students gathered together yesterday for thedistribution of awards to honored English students. The winners ofthe selected written submissions were given a plaque andscholarships for their work.

Michael J. Clark, head of the department of English, presentedthese awards and later esteemed poet and Pulitzer prize winnerStephen Dunn arrived to read a few compositions of his own at thecelebration of college writers.

Nina Mae Kellogg Award Recipients
The Kellogg Award is given for academic excellence and demonstratedproficiency in the use of English.

Senior Awards:

First Prize: Susan Pesznecker
Second Prize: Peter Reader
Third Prize: Heather Ryan

Sophomore Awards:

First Prize: Kate Guerra
Second Prize: Aubrey Gavin Harrison
Honorable mention: Krista Heldenbrand

John Redman Memorial Award
Offered annually for writing completed as a regular courseassignment by a freshman.

First Prize: Joseph Oldham
Honorable Mention: Marie Martin

The Frank Andrew Clarke and Helen Clarke MemorialAward
Awarded annually by the English department to an undergraduate fora work of excellence submitted as a regular writing courseassignment.

Co-First Prize: Jason G. Damron and Anthony Jackson
Second Prize: Tom Lowes
Honorable Mention: Glenda Burns

The Academy of American Poets Award
A national award, presented for the best poem or group of poemssubmitted by a student.

Co-First Prize: Nicholas Alvarado-Greenwood and ZanniSchauffler
Co-Honorable Mention: Lucas Bernhardt, Susan Denning and JanineOshiro

The Tom and Phyllis Burnam Award:
Awarded to the best work of fiction submitted by an undergraduatestudent.

First Prize: Lauren Allee
Second Prize: Carrie Sanders
Honorable Mention: Katherine Dunwell

The Philip Ford Graduate Award:
Awarded for the best submitted piece of original scholarship orcriticism written for graduate credit in an English course duringthe academic year.

Co-Fist Prize: Jennifer Allen and Chris Hall

The Tom Doulis Graduate Award:
Awarded for fiction by a student enrolled at the graduate level inregularly scheduled classes at PSU from spring of the precedingyear.

First Prize: Katherine C. Sinback
Second Prize: Stefan Lombard
Honorable Mention: Randall Thompson

The Wilma Morrison Award:
Awarded by the Publications Board for excellence in writing for TheVanguard.

News: Matt Petrie
Feature: Matt Petrie
Arts and Culture: Dylan Tanner

The James R. Nattinger Award:
A graduate teaching fellowship awarded to an outstandinglinguistics major.

Jose Louis Perea Hernandez

The Haystack Writing Program Award:
Given by the Extended and Summer Programs, honoring excellence increative writing by an undergraduate or graduate English major atPSU.

Nancy Chevalier

The Tom Bates Award:
Awarded to a graduate student enrolled in the master’s writingprogram whose work shows excellence in creative nonfiction orliterary journalism.

Twila Nesky and Marilee Karr

The Shelley Reece Poetry Award:
Awarded to a graduate student of English who is interested inpursuing a career in the field of writing. For the achievement,interest, and talent in the field of writing.

Zanni Schauffler