The Koreas are acting like children

What in the world is North Korea up to now? So much propaganda has been distributed that actual nuclear war is being threatened.

On Jan. 6, North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. Kim Jong-un claimed that it will bring North Korea to a “higher level of nuclear power.”

The United States immediately began sampling the air in the area to see if they could detect an actual hydrogen bomb had been tested. The U.S. believes North Korea tested components of a hydrogen bomb, but did not actually set it off successfully. Although, officials say it is possible that North Korea believes they have tested a fully functioning hydrogen bomb. Despite this, it still is worrisome that they are advancing. They are improving their nuclear bomb power.

When North Korea announced their success with hydrogen bomb testing, South Korea began blasting propaganda through speakers across the border. In retaliation, North Korea began sending leaflets over the border and their own broadcasts, but the North made it much more serious by claiming the South’s actions have brought them to the “brink of war.”

Am I the only one that thinks this sounds a little childish? Aside from the whole nuclear war thing, it’s two countries literally yelling at each other. The South is blasting pop music and news that challenges the North Korean government, and the North is sending notes to the South saying if they don’t stop that they’ll get really angry.

This reminds me of a couple of five-year-olds fighting over who gets to play with a toy first. When one kid starts playing with it, the other starts yelling things he knows pushes the others buttons. It’s like he wants to make the other mad enough so he’ll give him the toy. This is a dumb strategy to get your way. This is why adults don’t yell at each other because someone is doing something they don’t like. It’s too bad that it’s easier to compare the two Korea’s to children, rather than mature adults.

At a rally on January 8, the head of the Workers’ Party propaganda department in the North, Kim Ki Nam said “jealous of the successful test of our H-bomb, the United States and its follower are driving the situation to the brink of war.” In addition to the broadcasts, Seoul, South Korea’s capital, and Washington D.C. discussed placing B-2 and B-52 bombers and nuclear-powered submarines on the Korean peninsula.

The leaflets started arriving January 12 and were sent via helium balloons. Their destination was Seoul. They demanded the South immediately stop their broadcasting and the South is only further ruining inter-Korean relations. Some examples of these messages were: “Psychological warfare against the North is lighting the fuse of war. Stop the loudspeaker broadcasts immediately!” and “Park Geun-hye [the president of South Korea] and her clan are dogs that have gone crazy. We should beat them down for using psychological warfare and worsening inter-Korean relations!”

Really? This is happening? Calling the South’s president crazy is almost as bad as a your mom joke. This reminds me of one time in elementary school these kids were arguing via note passing. One of them had enough and started yelling at the other in the middle of class. If eight-year-olds can act like that, why not countries?

North Korea is using psychological warfare to end South Korea’s psychological warfare. Makes perfect sense. You have to fight fire with fire, right? I’m sure there is much more to this whole situation, but from what I’ve read, it’s two countries yelling at each other (quite literally) and sending notes to each other to tell the other to stop yelling. Totally cause for nuclear war.