Events around the world June 28–July 1

June 28: Zimbabwe restores its electricity after large amounts of power was lost due to a hitch in its distribution system. Half of its daily supply was lost amidst a struggling economy trying to overcome severe drought and downturn in commodities.

June 29: The first non–state running gas station opened in Mexico for the first time since the 1930s. Pemex, Mexico’s gas monopoly, has owned and controlled all gas stations in the country since the 1930s. Now two other companies have opened to hopefully lower gas prices, based on NPR news reports.

June 29: A groundbreaking ceremony to build the Site of Remembrance for former comfort women in Seoul was held on Wednesday, according to Japan Times. These women, who were forced into human trafficking by the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II, will be given more support through the memorial site and other fundraisers.

June 30: Researchers discover first prominent evidence that the ozone layer above Antarctica is “healing,” according to BBC News. The hole is 4 million square kilometers smaller than in 2000.

June 30: Two prominent press-freedom activists were released in Turkey on Thursday, while one still remained in prison. According to Reuters, their terrorism-related charges will not be dropped, despite global disapproval of the detention.

July 1: Eleven more foreigners linked to the deadly airport attack in Instanbul were imprisoned on Friday. Forty-four people were killed on Tuesday by three suicide bombers. A total of 24 people are detained. According to Turkish government officials, the three attackers were Russian, Uzbeck and Kyrgyz nationals.

July 1: Happy Canada Day!