Faster and more intense!

Intramural sports are one of the best things going at PSU. They are a little more intense than club sports and match the desire for professionalism that a hardcore sports enthusiast can harbor.


Brian Ryberg, head of intramural sports at PSU, explains, “They’re for people who perhaps can’t compete on a collegiate level but still want to feel the same intensity level of performance.”


Put together for both students and faculty, intramural sports encourage competition and teamwork.


Basketball, soccer, football – all of the major sports are covered. Once teams are formed they are placed in a league and then compete locally and throughout the region. Fees are required but they are usually minimal (in the $5 range).


“We try and keep it cheap and usually just have the team all pay as one,” Ryberg says. An advantage of intramural sports is that they are usually composed of like-minded people who played at a high-level throughout high school.


“The talent on the teams is incredible,” Ryberg says. “People would be amazed if they knew how fun and competitive the teams can be.”


The best and easiest way to get involved with intramural sports is to check out the Campus Rec web site at There, you can find ample information about each team. Details are provided on how to join, whom to contact and on which days and what times practice takes place.


"It’s both fun and challenging. Some of the teams end up competing on the national level,” says Ryberg.


Playing off of the near-professionalism that intramural sports at PSU exhibit – gear, referees and timekeepers are normally provided. As a result, the atmosphere that is created is one that can rival the weekend competition on any field in the Portland area.


“We encourage anyone who wants to come out and see what we are up to give us a try. We are always looking for more people and have a great set up that allows for first-timers to play at their own speed,” commented Ryberg.


This said teams usually do fill-up their rosters quickly. Ryberg advises that any prospective students and staff explore their interests and then try and commit to something that fits their schedule.


“Most of the events usually take place on the weekend which is great, because it allows for just about anyone no matter how busy they are to join in.”


So, for all of you out there who feel like they are one step away from riding the bench or playing starting point-guard for the Vikings, do yourself a favor and explore intramural sports at PSU.  It is an easy and exciting opportunity to both be competitive in a sport that you love and meet people who feel the same way.


“This is really the best way to stay in shape, stay active and keep performing at a level that most people think they will never get back to once they leave high school,” Ryberg says.  “And we’ve got things set up now so that anyone can join, participate and really have a great time.”