Fired adviser accepts new job at PSU

Former Student Activities and Leadership Programs (SALP) adviser Carol Martin, whose contract was set to terminate June 30, will begin a new position July 1 and will not be leaving campus.

While members of the administration were reluctant to reveal the details of why Martin was fired last December, SALP director Tonantzin Oceguera told the Vanguard last January that it was a “personnel decision” and that Martin knew the reasoning behind the decision. Martin was moved to the Affirmative Action office as a special projects coordinator for the remainder of her contract.

Martin will take the newly created position of outreach coordinator, which falls under auxiliary services in finance and administration.

The position, she said, will mostly entail marketing, training, supervising, crisis management and risk management in auxiliary services. An area of focus will be marketing University Place, a hotel and educational conference center owned by PSU.

“It’s a position that will really unfold with the need,” Martin said. “It’s about making things better for everyone on campus.”

Director of Auxiliary Services Julie North, who will be Martin’s direct supervisor, was unavailable for comment at press time.

Martin’s firing last December surprised members of the spiritual, advocacy and political student group clusters she advised. Many students said they are glad she will stay on campus and hope that she can remain involved with students.

“I still don’t really understand why her contract was terminated,” said Adas Lis, who was a member of Students For Unity, a group that Martin advised. “I think she has a lot she can do for the campus.”

“Everyone had a positive opinion of her, so [her firing] came as nothing but a shock,” said Erin Devaney, who as a member of the student fee committee worked closely with Martin. “I felt like a lot of students were getting cheated, because of all the advisers I have known, she was definitely the most respected.”

Martin said she is excited about the opportunity to keep involved.

“It’s a position where I’ll still be able to reach out and work with a lot of people. I love the students. I love the staff, I love the university, and I would love to stay involved in some way,” she said.