Flag football begins promising year

The fall intramural flag football season kicked off last Sunday with success. Six teams began the day playing two 40-minute games.

The rules of intramural football are a little different than college or professional ball, but they provide a safe environment for students who want to play an organized sport.

Each team has seven members, plus substitutes. They play two 20-minute halves on a field 80 yards long and 40 yards wide. The games are Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the recreational field in front of the Peter Stott Center. The field is divided up so three games can be played at once. First downs are achieved by moving the football past 20-yard markers, whereas college ball is 10 yards from the spot of the first down. Scoring is also a little different.

�� ��Extra points are scored from the 5- and 10-yard lines, one and two points are given respectively. The referees call a tight, safe game, where no collisions, stiff-arming or holding is allowed.

“We don’t want students injured, we want them to have fun,” flag football coordinator and grad student Morgan Will said.

Some teams come to the field already organized, like last year’s champion, but there is plenty of room for individuals to walk on and play with other walk-ons.

Both part-time and full-time students are encouraged to sign up. This is the last week to do so before the season really kicks off.

Also, the sport is coed, so any women who want to play are welcome. No experience is needed, but most students who play have some high school experience. If students miss the deadline to sign up, spring football is scheduled to begin with the spring quarter. Students are encouraged to sign up before the quarter begins so the intramural staff can better prepare for the games.

The structure of intramural football and all intramural sports has changed this year to better accommodate students.

During the past few years, only one person coordinated all the intramural sports, so organization was difficult. This year, the Student Fees Committee budgeted more money to the program. Now there are three people working with intramural sports at PSU, each focusing on only a few sports during the year.

“We are trying to build an intramural structure for the students,” Will explained.

Teams play in a round-robin format throughout the season, vying for the best record. A championship bracket then determines which teams play for the title. If students can hand in $5 and sign a waiver by Sunday, Oct. 20, then they, too, can play for the coveted title of champion of intramural flag football.

For more information about intramural sports, log on to www.intermurals.pdx.edu, or call 503-725-5647.

Spectators and fans of football are also welcome.