From skiing to rafting, Sea to Summit has all the fun

Owned and operated by Joshua Blaize, Sea to Summit Adventures offers outdoor enthusiasts a low cost way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and the thrill of extreme sports.

The company offers everything from skiing packages to tours of skate parks to mountain biking. And if skiing, mountain biking and skating aren’t daring enough for you, there are also sky-diving and white-water rafting packages.

Blaize takes all the time needed to arrange, book and plan the excursions.

He only requires that the participants show up and have fun.

“I can pretty much guarantee a good time (weather permitting),” Blaize said.

“We just like to have fun.”

Blaize is a native Oregonian who moved to Hawaii for a period of five years where he learned to scuba dive and surf. After his stay in Hawaii, Blaize also spent some time touring Central America and eventually made his way to Colorado where he became an avid skiier.

Blaize had such a passion for scuba diving that he returned to Honduras, where he obtained his dive master certification at Roatan Bay Island, which enables him to lead scuba-diving excursions. And with his training complete, he returned to Oregon to start up Sea to Summit Adventures.

While in college, Blaize studied hospitality and tourism. This coupled with his love of the outdoors provides participants with a top-notch adventure.

Knowing how hard it is for people to arrange, let alone pay for ski trips, mountain biking trips and such, Blaize wanted to make it easy and affordable. One-day packages start at just $40.

Not all of the equipment is supplied, but Blaize will go out of his way to make sure people can acquire what they need. For instance, if a group sets up a mounting biking adventure, but no one owns a bike, Sea to Summit Adventures takes the entire group down to a local bike shop the day before the trip to fit each member for a bike.

Besides all the aforementioned activities, Sea to Summit Adventures creates outings based on what the participants want to do.

“Create your own personalized group excursion,” states the brochure. “Let us take you where you want to go.”

The name of the game is simply to have a good time and sit back and let the experts take care of the details.

“It’s relaxing and fun,” Blaize said, “the satisfaction of having everything but the adventure taken care of.”

Those seeking more information on Sea to Summit Adventures can call 503-286-9333, send an e-mail to [email protected] or send a letter to Sea to Summit Adventures, P.O. Box 83916, Portland, Or. 97283.