Getting kids off the streets

The “Photographer’s View: Found and Invented Construct” exhibit will continue its run at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery through April 30. The exhibit brings together the contemporary and thought-provoking work of five photographers of local and national fame.
10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Elizabeth Leach Gallery, 417 N.W. Ninth Ave.

Using a variety of media including painting, ink and watercolor, Raphael Katz uses unique approaches to address common ideas. His “Recent Paintings and Picture Books” displays selected works at the Blackfish Gallery.
12-5p.m., Blackfish Gallery, 420 N.W. Ninth Ave.

Tennessee Jones, Charlie Anders and Carson Connelly will come together to share their similarly themed works in “Up and Coming Queer Writers.” The readings will explore the ubiquitous subject of homosexuality in America and will include a question and answer session.
7:30 p.m., Powell’s on Burnside, 1005 W. Burnside St.

Brian Flynn and Dora Drimalas present “He Said, She Said,” an artistic rendering of a two-sided story using various artistic media. Drimalas and Flynn, a married artistic team, are nationally renowned clothing and housewares designers.
12-8 p.m., Compound Gallery, 107 N.W. Fifth Ave.