Give us the Dam Cup

Starting today, the Vikings are playing for the Dam Cup.

Starting today, the Vikings are playing for the Dam Cup.

This weekend, the Portland State Vikings and the Eastern Washington Eagles will play each other in women’s soccer and women’s volleyball, two of the five sports that are part of a new yearlong rivalry competition between the two schools called the Dam Cup, according to statements released from the schools.

Named for the four dams on the Columbia River that one drives past on a trip from Portland to Spokane, Wash., the Dam Cup is a points-based contest that will “celebrate the friendly rivalry between the states of Oregon and Washington within the Big Sky Conference.”

In addition to the soccer and volleyball games played this weekend, the rivalry will include two men’s and two women’s basketball games, the annual football game and next month’s volleyball game in Spokane. The football game is worth four points and the soccer match is worth one. Each of the women’s volleyball, men’s basketball and women’s basketball games are worth two points, for a total of 17 possible points.

The school that wins at least nine points will be awarded the inaugural Dam Trophy.

“It has always been enjoyable when we beat Eastern Washington,” said Torre Chisholm, Portland State’s director of athletics. “This should make it even better.”

Portland State would have won the Dam Cup if the contest had been going last year, with 10.5 points. After the schools tied in soccer, the Vikings went on to win both women’s volleyball matches, both men’s basketball games and one of the women’s basketball games.

According to the schools, the goals of the new inter-state rivalry include boosting alumni pride and school spirit at each university and increasing attendance at sporting events.

The four Columbia River dams the competition refers to are the Bonneville, The Dalles, John Day and McNary dams.