Halloween DIY costume ideas from beyond the grave

When it comes to Halloween, the holiday that used to fill us with candy (or maybe it still does, no judgment), we as adults can look at it as an opportunity to strut our stuff.

Whether it’s a fit physique, unshakable sense of humor or a desire to show off our craft skills, Halloween offers a chance to display what we’re made of from head to toe.

Being a college student typically comes with a budget. Even if you’re among the Portland State average age (your late twenties), it’s often hard to find spare cash to splurge on something as frivolous as a costume. If you plan to take that costume out on the town, the costs add up quickly.

That’s why, in this social media- and Pinterest-obsessed era, we have the ultimate advantage: the internet, which offers plenty of DIY options for those on a budget.

Nicole Latham, a senior studying psychology, said she finds her costume ideas on the Web. From Waldo to a loofah (yes, what you scrub down in the shower with), Latham believes in creating your own costume and making sure it’s the perfect amount of sexy and cute, and definitely comfortable.

Latham created the loofah costume last year, which only needed several yards of tulle and a bubble gun. All you have to do is bunch it up around your body and there you have it: A human scrubbing device.

“The bubble gun was just a neat bonus to give you the illusion of scrubbing down,” Latham said.

With the loofah costume you get to choose the fabric and how much you’d like to use, depending on what level of loofah you’d like to be. Also, bubble guns are available at the local dollar store, which makes this awesome idea even more wallet friendly.

If you ask Google for DIY costumes, your eyes fill with thousands of creative (and at times truly frightful) costumes. Some of the best ideas for women included a personal favorite, the pin-up girl.

Let’s face it ladies, back then they had it right. Curves are beautiful and you just have to bring what you’ve got to the table. The best part about this costume idea is that you most likely have plenty of pieces in your wardrobe already.

Also, don’t forget to ask friends to borrow and share. This costume can use pieces like funky belts, shorts, a-line skirts, anything with lace and sundresses. The real key to this costume is the make-up: cat-eyes, bold lips and big lashes. All of which are cheaply and easily available at a local drugstore.

For the men, it wasn’t quite as simply laid out. However, many web denizens offered costume ideas for their favorite television and movie characters. Walter White from Breaking Bad was a big contender.

Other simple ideas that came to mind were Marshall Mathers (you know, like a white tee and jeans and then just shouting a lot), Kenny from South Park or Dog from Dog the Bounty Hunter. Keep in mind simple things like temporary tattoos, fake chains, legal badges and hats are easy to find at a discount.

The best site for costume ideas is Pinterest. Even if you aren’t a registered user you can access the photos and ideas to create the perfect costume.

Always remember that borrowing from friends is a great and cheap option, as well as shopping at used clothing stores such as Goodwill. Keep in mind that this time of year Goodwill and such can be pretty picked over. You’re not the only one trying to be frugal.

Always try to think of the ways you can simplify something. For example, you can achieve a horrific zombie face using the make-up you or someone you know already has.

Being that we’re in Portland, the ultimate hipster can always be a clever costume. Thick, black-rimmed glasses and plaid are probably already in your closet. If not, you’ve got that one friend with the penny-farthing. You know the one.

Don’t frivolously waste money on a Halloween costume when you could be saving for the epic Halloween night memories. The internet is always your DIY friend, so respect your budget and own it.