Happy Holidays, PSU

Another year gone!

November is retiring and December is at our doorsteps. By now we’ve begun to bundle up and don our scarves and sweaters to beat winter’s chill. As we begin to lock ourselves in the library and bury ourselves in textbooks, notes, spreadsheets and flash cards to prepare for final exams, it’s hard to believe that fall quarter has come and gone so quickly.

It’s times like these that make you realize how fast life can move. Wasn’t it just summer? What happened to shorts, sun and picnics in the Park Blocks? I can’t be the only one who had this term pass by in the blink of an eye. Getting caught up with school, work and life’s curveballs makes it easy to overlook how fast life can move. If you keep your head down long enough, there’s no knowing where the world will be when you finally find the time to look up.

This year is coming to a close, but we have a chance for a fresh start. We are fortunate to find ourselves days away from a lengthy break. This is our chance to step away and unplug. Though you may find yourself manning the front lines in a retail shop somewhere, in a restaurant serving someone their Christmas dinner or on a plane to visit loved ones, this is your chance to recharge and return to campus with a new found energy and a fresh outlook.

Use this break wisely—do something fantastic. Be fantastic. Kiss someone wonderful and tell them you love them. Read a good book, eat plenty of food and earn your fluffy winter belly. (Don’t be ashamed, you worked hard for it.) Drink liberal amounts of tea, sleep too much and wear pants as little as possible. Do something new, try something old or do nothing at all. That’s fine, too.

Here at the Vanguard, we’ve been blessed with an incredible year. You readers have accepted our new faces, new drive and new format with open arms. I can only give my deepest and sincere thanks and gratitude for everything. With this Holiday Guide, I hope we can return the kindness you have shown us. Let it serve as an aid to you in your holiday celebrations, whatever they might be. Be merry and be well.

Thank you for a wonderful year. Here’s to another.