Healthy U participation tops 200

The Healthy U Wellness Challenge is still going strong. The challenge, designed to both educate students and improve their overall health, is now up to 234 participants and 23 teams.

The Healthy U Wellness Challenge is still going strong. The challenge, designed to both educate students and improve their overall health, is now up to 234 participants and 23 teams. The participants are a near 50/50 mix of students and faculty/staff. The current top three teams are (from first to last) We Fit and Fun Bring The Jalapeños (yes, that’s really their name), Cyclebabe and last but not least, BEAT.

Erin Orndorf, PSU’s coordinator of health and fitness promotions, said that overall participation has been strong, with the “Lunch and Learn” sessions, offered every Wednesday at noon in Smith Memorial Student Union 229, pulling in the most participants. The “fitness center and program orientation,” “SMART goals and fitness myths” and “stretching, injury prevention and gear” events have also received heavy attendance. It’s too soon to say how successful the blood drive has been so far, but hopefully readers will be motivated to donate.

Campus Rec is very pleased with overall event participation, but also hopes to see more students participating in the physical activities offered. Gym crowding in peak traffic hours and personal scheduling conflicts are most likely the cause of lower participation in the physical offerings. Campus Rec is trying to sweeten the pot and maintain motivation levels by offering bonus points and chances to earn additional prizes like dry-wick clothing and socks, towels, gym bags and nutrition bars.

Another recent addition that will be helpful for participants is the new drop-in personal training hours. A personal trainer is on hand during peak gym hours to answer questions and demonstrate exercise technique free of charge (for days and times, please visit the Campus Rec website).

For those still contemplating joining the challenge, it’s not too late! Team registration is closed, but individuals can still register. Of course, one must expect to be a bit behind on points, but an active participant still has a good chance at earning prizes. ?


Functional Training

Tuesday, Feb. 8, 1:15–2:15 p.m. in ASRC 440/441

“Getting through your day is so much easier when you have enough strength and endurance to perform whatever activities your daily life throws at you. Using medicine balls and other fun equipment this class includes full body exercises with an emphasis on total body strength, endurance, and coordination.”

It may be hard to imagine now, but performing day-to-day tasks can become more difficult with age, and not just due to arthritis. Even if one isn’t interested in a full-blown resistance-training program, the addition of functional training is a wise investment for those who wish to remain optimally functional as they age.

Nutrition Program 2

Wednesday, Feb. 9, noon–1 p.m. in SMSU 229 (“Alumni Lounge”)

“Food labels can be misleading. Learn to decode the false promises and overblown claims of packaged food labels. Plus, learn to outsmart your cravings with strategies that will help you eat healthier.”

Go to this class and become appalled at the inefficacious way in which your government regulates food labels.

20/20/20 Mini Marathon

Saturday, Feb. 12. 10:30 a.m.–3 p.m. at Campus Rec

“Fast is good, but distance is better. Break out your swim goggles and running shoes! It’s time for the 20/20/20 Mini Triathlon! In the spirit of triathlon, participants will compete for 20 minutes in each of the following disciplines: Lap swimming in the PSU pool, spinning on the stationary bikes, and running on the indoor track.”

This is the perfect opportunity for those not quite ready for a full triathlon. For more details on any and all events, visit